Monday, August 03, 2009

move along

I was supposed to write an entry during my 5-day weekend but downloading... erm... stuff took most of my computer's time and resources so... *shrugs* Hehe. So here I am doing my sort-of annual tradition I've started since blogging a week late. Sorry naman.

Birthday went by amazingly. One of the best since... I can't remember when. Maybe because there was that surprise thing my colleagues threw for me a day before (no one has done that before). And it's not much of what they surprised me with -- I was already expecting something like that, given the track record we have for all past celebrants in the team -- but who came with it.

(Yes Ryan, I can't thank you enough for ending my pre-birthday day with a bang. :) I've never blushed for anyone before that. Then again, may guilt din kasing involved. HAHAHA!)

Oh, and I am also now a proud owner of this. Hm.

Of course, birthday weekend may have also gone well because I was able to accomplish two out of the four things I planned to do. 50% task completion ain't bad, though it's no good either. Then again, if the other 50% was replaced by 100% sleeping and pigging out (this one courtesy of a buffet dinner from sister #1) and surfing for p0rn (hee!), I think they should account for something.

Or maybe it may have gone well because it made me reflect on things (life?) a bit. A couple of weeks before, Chris asked me about my musings about the first half of the year, now that it is over and done with. My answer was kinda... meh at that time, but maybe I can now expound more: the first half provided me with a lot of experiences -- from stupid mistakes to great adventures -- but I think I can do more if I can just continue to grab life by the balls. Sure, there are some issues I should be still be dealing with. But hey, what started to be an annual ritual *ehem* is becoming more and more frequent. ;) That's good, right?

(Cue Xtina's "Beautiful" here. Or since I've been doing the "rocker chick" thing these days, "Move Along" by the All-American Rejects. They practically have the same message to me anyway.)

Chris also asked me what will I/should I be doing for the remainder of the year. At that time I jokingly said I'll find myself a boyfriend. I think I should consider that more seriously now. Not that I'm concerned about aging or whatever, but it does have that oomph once you realize you're not getting any younger (I'm approaching late-twenties! Que horror!). Grab life by the balls, PJ. And squeeezeee.

* * *
One of the items in my to-do list was start writing the story that's rolling over my thoughts since summer. No such luck, but I was able to begin some lines. Which may still be edited (out). Copyright, all rights reserved, and all that jazz.
"So," I said, still feeling the last of the tremors I had shuddered off a few minutes earlier. I exhaled my attempt of a whistle loudly. "Wow."

He snickered. "Yeah," he whispered to my right ear. "Wow."

I laid quitely for a moment, one leg splayed and crossed over one of his, as I tried counting the little brown diamonds in the ceiling wallpaper. Is it wallpaper in the first place? Maybe they're painted on. The rotating fan and my spectacle-less eyes were making it difficult for me to tell.

I suddenly realized: The ceiling fan was on? Along with the air-conditioning? No wonder I was still shuddering.

He rolled to his side to face me, sandwiching my right leg with both of his in the process. He started playing with the small hairs at the back of my head.

"So," I began again, giving up on the counting. "Um, you're staying until when again?"

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