Wednesday, August 08, 2007

the long hiatus

It's been more than two months since I last blogged, basically showing how BUSY (in all caps) I am these days. I didn't even get to finish my blow by blow report on the Interop Conference (and my trip to Vegas in general)... Anyway, today's a very stormy morning, Eric's in Virginia (whopee) and the bosses are out (no meetings till the PM) so allow me to catch up. LOL!

Anyway, picking up where I left off, I did see Celine Dion at Ceasar's Palace with Judy, who visited me from LA on my second to the last day in the US. I guess the main reason she did was the usual padala to her relatives in Manila. Hehe. That accounts for an extra luggage, of which I fretted about customs and payments and whatever. Hey, first time's always scary, even when "smuggling" pasalubong.

We did more sightseeing after the concert (Treasure Island, etc.) and the morning before Jake's and mine's departure. The whole last day was spent with Jake's relatives at the Hoover Dam. Incidentally, the Hoover dam was Sector 7(?) in the Transformers movie I saw a month later but I'm getting a little bit ahead of myself here...

Shameless plugging: some pics are at my Multiply site.

When I got back at the office I was thrown into a new order, so to speak. I now handle Market Research and Planning team/segment of the newly transformed (insert Transformers sound effect) Technical Marketing Team, composed of PH and JP Techwriters whose main task then was to basically edit/translate reports. Granted, the change was introduced days before I left. The fact that it was almost in full swing when I got back however... overwhelming is kinda an understatement. So many tasks -- which include stuff like branding and whatnot -- so little time. *sigh*

Kat, then Job, resigned and moved to that other company *ehem* where my former teammates seem to be convening. LOL! That made some of the tasks heavier than usual, seeing that we're still undermanned, if not composed of mostly new members. The new marketing tasks, while kinda a breath of "fresh" air, are consuming most of our time. Busy busy busy. Insider jokes amongst Tin, and the super twins (Macky and Mayee) usually include the phrase "can we all die now?".

That prompted me to buy myself a PSP for my birthday. LOL! Mainly because Ordy won one in our last AV Camp (now re-christened as AmCon) when it should have been me! WAAH! Anyhoo. So I bought one despite the fact that Sony's releasing a "slim and light" version in September. That way I can relieve some stress with violence NOW. *snort* There wouldn't have been a crack available for that new version soon anyway (or so I justify myself for spending 18K in 1-year installment).

The PSP is on top of my usual porn downloading, BTW -- it's still an ongoing task. :)

I also bought myself the final Harry Potter book (no surprise there). That was last July 21, the first of my 4-day birthday leave extravaganza. LOL! Not that I did much during those days exccept read and sleep. Which was good. Anyway, I found satisfying, save perhaps the epilogue. I'm still thinking of buying the complete boxed set though... Hehe!

Other stuff worth noting (or not): I've watched most of the "summer blockbusters" -- including Harry Potter 5 in IMAX (400 bucks!). Transformers included of course, as Josh Duhamel's there. Ann, our former manager, got married. I got quoted by the Manila Times (which nobody reads anyway). Pia's coming back to Eastwood. Did I mention Eric's in VA? He better give us something this time... Oh, and I'm on a "normal" working schedule now. 9am-6pm Mondays to Fridays. It sucks. I miss night shifts.

Oh well, back to work...

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celwinster said...

at least you're RICHER. in caps hahaha