Monday, July 24, 2006

no more drama

I turned 23 today.

The thing about celebrating birthdays during the rainy season is that... well... they usually suck. I can't throw a party at my house for fear that my guests will drown along the way -- not to mention the endless complaints about living the "provinces", despite the fact that that I only live about 30 minutes from where I work (okay, about 45 minutes to an hour, but that's on a really bad-traffic day). And I can't go out somewhere for fear that I will drown along the way. Blame it on that old superstition. *sigh* Oh and yeah, nobody ever gave me a surprise party. Ever.

Besides, this year, typhoon Glenda is coursing its way to Taiwan via the Philippines. So heavy rains. And it's a Monday. Who celebrates birthdays on a work week? Probably those who have a death wish. Hee! Or masochists. Or people who like showing off by treating everyone in the office.

(By the way, is it just me or the typhoon going to Taiwan through here is somewhat metaphorical? Hehe! My officemates will probably get my drift. Or maybe I am just kooky today).

Suffice it to say that my birthday was a bit boring. I didn't report for work today (thank God for birthday leaves) and just enjoyed snuggling under the bed covers and sleeping all day. I didn't even get the watch Miss Universe live (apparently Miss Puerto Rico won, and for the umpteenth time, Miss Philippines won the Photogenic Award). Mother and I were the only ones in the house and we didn't have anything in our fridge so we had our lunch (and later dinner) delivered. Which was cool, I mean, it is fastfood. There was a tiny incident with the food though , that being my mother ordering two orders of that 8-piece spring rolls (read: pretentious lumpiang shanghai) from Chow King when she was supposed to order the Shanghai Lauriat meal.

Still, in hindsight, today was better than last year. I didn't even have any anxiety attacks (read: histrionics) or that "quarter-life crisis" about getting older and still not getting laid. And that despite some recent development a certain person shared with yesterday, of all days. HAHAHAHA! Gosh, I must be really getting more... mature. Or numb. Or fatalistic.

My sister brought home a cake. Black forest of sorts. With cherries. How fitting.


celwinster said...

"ang araw na 'to ay araw mo pag dating mo sa ating mundo. matatandaan di malilimutan, i wish you a happy birthday, happy 40th!!" lolz

blow out naman jan!!!

PJ said...

potah! sino na nga ba kumanta nyan? hahaha! tenchu!

ina said...

fuck ambata mo talaga paulie nakakatakot