Tuesday, July 04, 2006

warm fuzzies

Two simple words to brighten an otherwise glum day. *contented sigh*

Much as I am trying to move on with my life, you suddenly ding-ing in when I was about to log off and go home a couple of days ago was... WOW. Talk about a screeching halt. It was nice, though, if a bit overwhelming.

The sweet nothings of our conversation was cute. Hehe. And thanks for wishing me well. I hope the same for you too.

(As if naman may nangyari talaga between us 'di ba? HAHAHA! Ganda.)

* * *

Watched Superman Returns at the IMAX Cinama in Mall of Asia last Sunday. I loooove Brandon Routh. 'Nuff said.


celwinster said...

who is this that we're tawlkin ahbout heire? (curious)

PJ said...

SECRET! :P hehe! chika ko na lang sayo pag nagkita tayo... baka yung katulong nya marunong pala magbasa ng blog eh...

whoops. baka ma-karma ako sa panlalait. hehe! *touch wood[y]*

celwinster said...

im takin up discourse analysis and ive learned about illocutionary acts. naks. katulong= rica peralejo. hmmm

PJ said...

wow at talagang hifalluting chuva pa talaga. HAHAHA!