Wednesday, July 23, 2008

senses working overtime

Today's my last day before quarter-life crisis "officially" kicks in (yes, I'm turning 25, so I can now "legitimately" use that term/excuse, unlike before). Earlier I was asked if I become very emotional every time my birthday approaches because apparently, some people experience that. I said that that happens to me during or after (see here)... although generally, my birthdays are a bit boring. Wala kasing nakakaalala. Ching!

I dunno if I can say the same thing this year, though (i.e., the "boring" bit), given the tons of work to do at, well... work. Maybe it's just the timing, but several events and projects need to be rolled out (or sustained), so aside from bouts of pseudo-panic attacks (when's this due?? OMG!!), my emotional meter -- it seems to me -- only spikes because of whatever hormone or vitamin it is secreted by my brain to combat runny nose.

The runny nose of course was a result of two shots of Bacardi with Baileys last weekend. That and tequila and some German cough syrup our CTO says is prescribed to old people to help repair their damaged brain cells. *shrugs* Add pool water at midnight and strenuous rope courses the day after during team building and you have a recipe for a sick leave. Oh well.. at least that was some breather. That is catching up in aches and pains...

Perhaps I should take a time off tomorrow to sleep all day and process the death of our Sharpei last Friday (second dog to get snuffed out recently, excluding Rufss... methinks there's a dog killer in the neighborhood). Or think about my birthday wish (still have no concrete answer). But knowing me I'll just sleep. Period.

Then again, tomorrow's still in the middle of the work week. If I'd take a PTO I'd make it week long. HAHAHAHAHA!

I don't know. I'll decide later.

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