Wednesday, March 04, 2009

roller coaster

Six words to sum up yesterday's shenanigans: from the bottom to the top. :) I can now understand what the fuss is all about. ;-)

Here's the gist: went to this place na itago na lang natin sa titik "Q" -- first time to go to such place -- and despite my nervous misgivings and initial insecurities ("OMG, what if magmukha akong tanga?), I ended up having a blast. In every frakkin' sense of the word.

Of course, here's to hoping that I won't hit rock bottom due to the stupid decision(s) I've also made yesterday (one word: unsafe -- di nga nagmukhang tanga, natanga naman). The thrill of it all is not (and will never be) a good excuse to take such a huge risk (although, I can now also somewhat understand why people do such stunts). Fingers crossed. Toes, too.

The question now is: should I go for another (more careful) ride? Sounds tempting.

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migs, the manila gay guy said...

minus the katangahan thing, eto lang masasabi ko: may ganda kang taglay.

wag na mag-emote about your being bullied back then, wag na magpaka-insecure about being nelly and all. isa kang kalahi ni BB Gandanghari... at binabasbasan kita sa pangalang:

PP KinangTopesa

why not!