Sunday, August 09, 2009

you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone

I'm sure most of the Geocities users have already read that "we will be closing down" notice Yahoo! sent a couple of weeks back. I've been delaying myself to face facts but, as the September deadline looms, I've to do something soon. Ugh. That'd mean re-importing the blog pictures of my first gazillion entries here when I transferred my blog from Friendster. Okay, I exaggerate about the number, but they're still quite a bunch -- about 1-2 years' worth of entries back when I was still doing night shifts (read: watching movies and sleeping... and yes, blogging).

Geocities was my first (and practically only) platform in Web design, back when I was still idealistic enough to dream that I can be a successful Web designer and make lots of money along with the rest of the world. Of course, programming classes (Java sucks!) and the first wave of dot-com busts had to happen. *rolls eyes*

But my account did serve me well all throughout my college days. It was where my groupmates and I hosted our "fan site" for Jose Corazon de Jesus for our college freshman Filipino class project. It was where we posted project updates and meeting minutes for the PM class before we graduated. And on a more current and shallow reasons, it is where I host my Miro Moreira picture that serves as the wallpaper on my Friendster account.

The impending shutdown made me remember of some of the earlier sites I took part of: The Link Online (our high school publication), and our high school batch site. There were no kickass software then -- we had to encode the site using notepad and HTML. I remember admiring Loi and Ryan for being the webmasters because they code fast and can add .MIDI files for background music. And some of these stites still exist. Forgotten, but still there.

Which makes things a bit... sadder. But oh well, we need to move along.

* * *
Funny, I just realized that I am making a fuss out of Geocities, when only recently our former president just passed. Maybe I really am that apathetic. Then again, I was three when Cory Aquino became president. I had no social consciousness until I was in college, when I felt proud of being part of EDSA 2. Now I wonder if I did a good job, what with all the political scandals surrounding our current prez.

Makes the entry title more fitting doesn't it?

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