Monday, October 31, 2005

friendster, you will be missed

This will be my last post for now (as if I regularly update my blog in the first place). Come tomorrow, our company's IS team will be blocking Friendster, along with Web sites that are "deemed to have no added employee productivity." Hehe. Right. Oh, and they'll be also blocking sites that promote online dating. *groans* So there go my chances for finding a date.

So anyway, I'm taking advantage of this last day. I've "redecorated" my profile page with CSS scripts, uploaded/embedded a Spice Girls video, added more pics... Hehe. I would've even tried making one of those testimonial thingies that form a picture just by using alphanumeric characters... that is if they don't annoy me. And they do (come on, it's not cute, and to those who marvel at its "complexity"... well, there's a software generator for those).

*sigh* Oh well, I guess I'll just have to be content with listening to MP3s and checking my mail (MWAHAHAHA!). It's not that I'll be missing much on Friendster, given that I don't really freak out when I don't have enough "friends" or testimonials. ^_^ Still, I'll miss my blog. Hehe. And I'm too lazy to create a new one.

* * *

Just bought the first season of Las Vegas on [pirated] DVD in Metro Walk the other day. Ooh, and I finally got the chance to take a look at that sex shop there. Kinky. Expensive. Basically I'm just hoping someone will be generous enough to buy me some stuff there. HAHAHAHA! Not that I wouldn't buy an item myself if only I've enough dispensable income. ^_^

Josh Duhamel's HOT. He's sex on legs.