Tuesday, October 25, 2005

catching up


  1. Daniel Craig has been named the new James Bond. Or James Blond, as most news articles like to refer to him, cos he has the distinction to be the first blond Bond. ^_^ Shame Ioan Gruffudd's not picked -- then again, he's not cut out for it, as he's not sexy enough for the role (but I love him anyway). He's more of the dorky sexy type, kinda like T.R. Knight in Grey's Anatomy (see below). Only way hotter. Hehe. Anyhoo, Craig as 007 will star in Casino Royale, which will be out next year.

  2. 1129834340kctye7tlMariah aka Mimi will be releasing a platinum edition of her mega comeback album The Emancipation of Mimi. The re-release will feature 4 new/unreleased tracks (which I already have), and -- for the SPECIAL special edition -- a music video DVD (hmm... I think I also have the videos too). Hehe. Hopefully a local version will also be released so that I won't have to spend more dollars, as Il Divo's two upcoming albums will already cost me UK pounds.

  3. Colleen mentioned Republic Act No. 9689, which grants Filipino workers a minimum 10% increase in monthly wages. Has this been passed? In any case, fingers crossed. Meanwhile, the company I work with will be issuing stock options, and -- at the risk of sounding like someone familiar (WAHAHAHAHA! *ehem*)... well... *hopeful look at the management* ^_^

  4. I went to Eastwood City's longest buffet, which sorta tanked. I think they oversold tickets, so now the organizers are giving refunds to those who were not able to enjoy it (including my sister). I was one of lucky ones who got to eat, though I doubt the P350 was worth the jostling and the spilled sauce in my shirt. Oh, and I'm feeling sick today. I think it's an effect of that event.

  5. Brokeback Mountain is Cinemanila's closing film! WAAH! Sadly, today is the closing day and I'm stuck at work. Graaaa!

* * *

Speaking of Grey's Anatomy, I just finished watching the first season and am now copying the .DAT files into file server for Ina, who's yet to watch the show. Love the show. Still ranks second to House for me, though. Hehe. Love to story line. Especially LOVE Patrick Dempsey, (*drools* at the pilot episode). And Sandra Oh. And yes, T.R. Knight's character George's dorkiness, which surprisingly surpasses Justin Chamber's lothario of an Alex Karev. ^_^

HATE Ellen Pompeo. Urgh. I remember Ina saying how much she hates Evangeline Lilly on Lost. On more than one occassion. Hehe. Hmm... then she'll probably abhor Pompeo and her character (ironically the lead!). Gosh, the girl doesn't know how to act. As Tonette points out, at least Evangeline Lilly has mastered the art of knitting her brows in more than one way. Ellen's character Meredith practically has one facial expression on all nine episodes. And what's with THAT voice girl?

0036 Oh well, I guess nobody's perfect. At least the show's still has high ratings in the US. Meanwhile, whilst waiting for Season 2, there're my usual doses of Desperate Housewives, Lost, and CSI (thanks to Peter who keeps uploading them) ^_^. Hopefully episodes of Prison Break (Wentworth Miller!) and House are next. Heehee.

I'm watching the final season of Queer As Folk, by the way. *aww* The show will be missed. There's this new campy gay soap though: Dante's Cove. Saw some clips and... HOT! I wonder if a DVD will be released. Hmm...

* * *

The iTunes mobile MOTO ROKR E1 is now avaialable locally. And it's a LOT cheaper than my dream Walkman Phone (as in practically half the price). Urgh. Me having second thoughts, though based on the reviews, ROKR doesn't really rock. Hehe. Probably because it was released the same time as the iPod nano. Hmm. Anyhoo, cheaper as it is, I still don't have enough money anyway. So again, fingers they all depreciate in value come 2006. Epseically the Walkman phone. Hehe. Since a new model has been already released. ^_^