Thursday, October 13, 2005

quando quando quando...

Okay, so apparently it IS quando with a Q. Hehe. *smacks forehead* Duh. I always thought it's cuando with a C. Oh well, I should've already gotten the clue when I studied basic French (quand). ^_^ *sigh* I wish Michael Buble sang that earlier. Then again, he recorded it with Nelly Furtado for his album so it probably won't sound as great when he performed it all by himself. And I would rather he NOT sing it at all than let some of our local "divas" like Nina ("Through the Fire", anyone?) to botch it up. Don't get me wrong... I like Nina (more than Kyla, but that's just my opinion so y'all better not shoot me), but there are some songs she better stay away from. Let her go back to her old "Jealous" days, people.

Anyway, so I'm talking about Michael Buble. Hehe. I just got to see him perform live and am now typing away on my office computer because it's the nerdiest thing to do -- sharing concert experiences/reviews -- and I don't feel going home this late. I have work tomorrow anyway so might as well sleep here than report for work late. Again. Oh well... I love Michale Buble. Not the rabid teenybopper fanaticism type but I like his music nonetheless. And he's sorta cute, which helps. Hehe. I don't have any of his albums though (bad fan!), save for his latest, which is not even legit (downloaded it off the Web... I know -- worse fan!). Hey, his type of music itself is already a stretch even for the boyband-loving me. Lousy excuse but... *shrugs and grins sheepishly*

Buble Which is why I was completely blown away by him earlier. I went to the concert with no expectations at all (upper box seats, not even a camera) and ended up chastising myself for not buying his entire discography. Hehe. What his music probably "lacks" (and I use that term loosely), he makes up with his performance. And antics. He's one cussing, crotch-grabbing "wanker" (and this time I am directly quoting him) who has no qualms of goofing around on -- and off, as Tonette's picture shows him running towards the audience -- the stage. Heck, he sang "Billie Jean" complete with Jacko's high-pithced nasal voice. He even impersonated Ray Charles for "You Don't Know Me". *sigh* And people love him for that, even if he [jokingly] scolds them for bringing flash cameras and saying "I love you" to him because, he says, by next week we'll be saying "I love you, Christian Bautista!" HAHAHA! Don't worry, Michael, unless you mention Il Divo, I will still love you till next week.

Oh. He DID mention Il Divo. Hehe. I squealed (well, Melissa and I did). And Michael mocked us. HAHAHA! *swoon*

I heart Michael. Aww. It was reinforced tonight. And despite the upper box seats, it was worth it. Probably more that worth it.

I wonder quando quando quando will he be back?

* * *

Meanwhile, I want a new phone! I want that Walkman Phone but it's still sooo expensive. WAAH! Hopefully the price depreciates quickly so by next year it will be much more affordable. Of course by then, a more improved model will be released. *sigh* Cell phones...