Saturday, October 01, 2005

family day

Trust me to make a supposedly wholesome situation into a... well... not-so-wholesome.

I took a day off from work today to be at my nephew's family day/sports fest, partly because today's supposed to be my first day back in day shift and I needed more than 24 hours to adjust my body clock (read: I'm just lazy). Another part was that practically my entire family sort of required me to attend; and the last part was that I wanna go someplace where I'm taller than most people and get to boss them around, if not spending my time ogling at hot daddies whilst dissing their wives.

Sure enough, there were a handful of hot daddies present with their kiddies and doing annoyingly cute kiddie stuff, like doing the three-legged race or the kangaroo hop relay (if I was any greener, watching them do hop relay probably made me do photosynthesis). It's so fun to imagine what these thirty-year-olds were back when they were still raging with excess testosterone, I made categories to sort them. Like there's this one bespectacled guy who looks so family-oriented and wholesome, he must be wild in bed (compared to his clumsy wife who actually tripped on one of the races), if not having some extramarital affair with one of his secretaries (yeah... he also looks rich to afford more than one assistant). Then there's the PTA treasurer who, for one horrific moment, volunteered me to join the obstacle course (urgh). Not really hot as in hot, but you would think he was one of the naughty ones way back then in an exclusive Catholic boys' school (you know what I mean). *wink wink* Besides, watching him take charge... hmm...

Then there's that sizzling older brother. As in. Not the older pre-pubescent, acne-infested brother. But the type that may have had a kid of his own after boinking his girlfriend during freshmen year. Tall. Lean. There was even a point when he lifted the tail of his shirt to wipe off sweat in his face (yup, thus revealing those abs). *drool* He actually made me want to join the obstacle course after all -- just because he'll be in it too. Turns out, though, that he actually took my place. Hehe. Probably because I spent practically the entire day doing my usual nelly stuff (read: waving pompoms... and doing that sort-of-dancing routine, especially when Destiny's Child's "Lose My Breath" played on the PA system) that may have turned Mr. Treasurer off. Hmmph. Oh well, they ended up losing anyway, and I'd like to think it's because they didn't include someone who's lithe and graceful as yours truly... come on, these people don't even know how to properly jump across the hula-hoop rings.

Oh, and did I mention high school students from LSGH and Xavier were also there for a soccer match?

Excuse me while I burp. ^_^

All in all, it was a fun day. I pigged out the pot-luck empanadas that we brought ourselves (hehe). And brownies and hotdogs on stick (with marshmallows). And I had my sisters buy me Pinipig Crunch. And yes, we all dissed the mothers all the way (as in the "'Neng, sportsfest po 'to hindi palengke" type).

I guess being in a campus again brought out the kid in me (and by saying this I'm actually admitting that I'm that old... WAAH!), and unwound me from all the grown-up stuff (like work -- which I've to face again on Monday). Kinda reminded me of my old school, the one where we were told to "blend our tongues in praises" (as Ton points out, no wonder a lot of alumni were gay). ^_^ The "lunch chit"... the bullies... the cup rack where we're supposed to place used plastic cups... and the sports fest, just like my nephew had today. Not the sporty type (despite the name), but the fun, do-nothing type -- like skin-the-snake, where I'm actually good at.

And yeah, I had fun with my family (obviously). We should do this more often. ^_^