Monday, September 26, 2005

blue blues

Melissa texted me earlier this afternoon greeting me happy anniversary. ^_^ I can't believe it's already been a year since the Blue concert. Hehe. Well, acutally I can believe it, especially since I'm having a withdrawal phase after the band's decision to go on a permanent hiatus (they haven't actually declared they've broken up... I think). Heck, I didn't even sing a single Blue song during the videoke happy hour with my college buddies yesterday. Oh well... it's not that I hate them already. I still love listening to their [kinda cheesy] tunes, as a matter of fact. Hehe. I guess it'll just take some time for me to get used to the fact that Lee's got a new solo album (which I already have), or that Ant has virtually no career these days. HAHAHAHA!

Anyway, so Meh's text message actually made me go into reminiscing mode once again. Just like she said, it still brings a smile to my face every time I think about our shenanigans -- from the pre-concert contests that we entered to ensure meet-and-greet ops, up until the actual concert AND the day-after stalking/picture-taking. I actually scoured the now-defunct(?) Blue thread in the MTV Asia message boards to re-read my post detailing everything that transpired in those two days. Hehe. Here's [a loooong] part of it:

the day after, my friends and i decided to stalk the guys at their hotel for some more pics and autographs. cos despite the much publicized news of the security guys that they will check out early morning, well first rule is to NEVER believe the security guys. hehehe.

anyhoo, breakfast buffet at around 8:30am and there was derek eating at the other table. *swoon* he REALLY is nice. later we see him going out and i get a chance to chat with him to ask where he's going. it seems there's some last minute promotions for his album -- he needs to go to the ASAP tv show and other stuff i guess. *sigh* oh well, we didn't get to see him after that. but hey, at least i got a pic and a signed cd. NICE NICE guy.

Wlee1next up is LEEEE! he's the first to come out of his room for a swim. hotel staff gossiped that they went home late the other night and that dunk and si got breakfast early in the morning before they went back to their rooms (darn! we should've gone early). anyway, lee went for a swim and we just waited at the side lines to give him a bit of privacy with the dancers (ehem. hehe).

after about an hour he got out of the pool and apparently decided to go back to his room. we barred exits and asked for some signatures (i had him sign my "official" shirt. hehehe) and a group photo. another good distraction was that his order of veggies and french bread just arrived so he can't decide what to do with it. haha!

funny moment: he went to taste his salad sandwich and aked the waiter to just leave the plate to where the dancers at, pointing to their direction, and POKING TONETTE'S EYE IN THE PROCESS! LOL! [big grin emoticon] he found that funny as well and anyways he apologized. aww. plus 5 hottie points for being such a good gentleman

funny moment 2: whist attempting for a group pic:

photographer friend: *clicks camera... no flash*
lee: are you sure it's okay? take another one.
photographer friend: *clicks camera again, still no flash*
lee: you have to hold the button a little longer
photographer friend: i did
*tries again... still no flash*

that's when lee decided to try the camera himself, taking a picture of ME in the process. hehe. it flashed so he asked us to try again. the photographer fried tried again... no flash. lee tried the camera again... no flash this time. we concluded that it's probably the lighting and since it's practically noon the natural light is strong. lee shot the camera to me at a different angle so that'd probably explain the flash earlier.

anyway, we wasted 9 shots in the process. and lee's hottie points shot up all the way to the top of my list. he's such a sweet guy! considering the fact that he was the one absent 2 years ago and might probably think he'll be the one most in demand or whatever, he's not scared in meeting his fans. aww...

btw, he decided to go back to the pool and stayed their for 4 hours, giving us a good view from the poolside cafe. hehehe. he's really a cheeky bloke playing with water and all.

the second hour lee was in the pool ant came down for a swim as well (or should i say, a dip). he just soaked himself for 5 minutes before deciding to sun for YET another 5 minutes and go out. again exits barred for an autograph and a pic. he said okay... then "okay just one shot... hurry up!" *claps hands in order* ooh. a in a bad mood aren't we ant? not to mention the fact that he's ALWAYS accompanied with a roadie/crew member/bodyguard (as if ant feels he needs some protection for screaming fans, which, frankly, in the philippines? he doesn't need any.)

*sigh* i still find ant cute in person, but this encounter was really disappointing. [sad emoticon] he was very different 2 years ago, which was the main reason i got to like him the first place... oh well, minus 10 hottie for ant. and remind me to change my avatar later. hehe.

by 4-5pm simon finally came out and again, some pic and signatures. as always he's the nicest to the fans, making conversations and all. [smiley emoticon] the encounter was quite quick though cos he's decided to do some shopping at tower records i think.

by 6pm dunk came out and headed directly to the gym for some workout. this was after ant came back from shopping (in rockwell i think, based on the shopping bags) -- and being the first to say "hullo" to us waiting fans in the lobby (hm... he's in a good mood now? i guess shopping is really therapeutic then) and lee went out with some dancers and crews to god-knows-where. hotel gossip says that the entire crew will meet at the lobby by 7pm to have dinner. as usual though, dunk worked out till 6:50 pm, then rushed back to his room talking to his cellphone. we tried to stop him but he says "i really have to go. i'm late... i'm sorry." darn. he said it in such a CUTE accent though so... just minus 3 hottie points. he really IS late, but hey, that's his fault. hehehe.

Wduncan1_1 so we just decided to wait for him at the lobby till 7. he came and we begged. this time he said okay. "sure, come come come" and whilst signing autographs he apologized again "i was really in hurry earlier cos i'm late and i need to go up and change" he explained. awww. plus 10 hottie points there for explaining himself, much less to the fans whom he owes no explanation to. [big grin emoticon] *sigh* for the group pic i was at the sides (not beside him) but having long arms, one of his hands rested on my shoulder. *swoon*. that's enough for me! LOL! plus 5 more hottie points -- that includes smelling good and hiding his not-so-cute hair in a cap. hehehe.

Gosh I am SUCH a crazy teenybopper.

* * *

Speaking of reminiscing, like I said, I went singing with my college buddies yesterday. Feels great to catch up with Cathy and company whilst singing songs from our high school and college days (Evan and Jaron, anyone? HAHAHA!) Oh, and Westlife songs too, just because they play the actualy music videos (Ioan's in "Uptown Girl"!) ^_^

We decided to eat at Italianni's afterwards, because the last time we went there was more than a year ago. Funny thing is, we were seated in the exact spot we sat that last time. Which got the catching up moment in full throttle. Then there's the usual gossip about our other batchmates. Hehe. Even if it makes me feel old when I hear news that someone got married or pregnant (or both); envious when some of them have high paying jobs or career opportunities abroad -- and still have the NERVE to rant about life; and frustrated when you hear others already playing third base while I'm still in the dugout. Boo-hoo. Well, as Colleen says, life's a bitch. So there, I'm just being one too. ^_^