Tuesday, September 13, 2005

house. control. televison.

Newsflash: Ang Lee's Brokeback Mountain ruled in the recently-held Venice Film Festival (read the full story here). Now I'm really interested in seeing this gay cowboy flick.

* * *

I'm watching House for the past couple of shifts now, thanks to the .AVI copies provided by Ina, who is now officially in love with House (and I can't blame her. Hugh Laurie rocks! As in. I hope he wins at the Emmys), I don't have to spend 13 hours bored to my wit's end at work, or get practically cross-eyed poring over VR entries. Never mind that watching movies is prohibited (I can be a wise-ass and point out that I'm watching a TV series anyway), or that the newly-installed surveillance cameras are on (I have a small video player window). I'm on night shift, for chrissakes. Pota, wa naman sigurong mga nagmamagadang people na magmamaasim noh!

Anyway, so I'm watching House, irregardless [sic]. Hehe. Which is so unlikely of me, since I don't watch medical dramas (hello, ER and Medical Investigations... urgh). Love the concept, and absolutely LOVE the dry Brit humor Laurie infuses as it perfectly complements Dr. House's miserable, cynical personality. And I guess what's funnier is that these traits all remind me of my best friend Cathy. WAHAHAHA! ^_^

And then there's Jesse Spencer, Australian hottie. *drool* Obviously that's one of my main motivations for watching the show. Hehe. Love the accent. Hate the rich-doctor acting, though (oh well, nobody's that perfect, I guess). ^_^ I searched his profile on IMDb the other day and apparently he was on Uptown Girls, which I just saw last night on cable (coincidence? I think not. WAHAHA!) He sang! Shirtless! *swoon* Ooh... another movie on his filmography: Swimming Upstream! Jesse in speedos: priceless. I've yet to see that one though.

* * *

One episode in House was titled "Control". It's the one where a thirty-something CEO is having pain in her right leg. Also the pivotal episode of the series, I think, since Chi McBride was introduced as the antagonistic, business-minded new chariman of the board out to dissolve Dr. House's Diagnostic Medicine department (I used to love Chi on Boston Public... now I'm just so annoyed at his character. Probably a sign of his effective acting). It's also the episode when I start to get pissed off at Spencer's character Dr. Chase. Hehe.

And it made me "update" (for lack of a better term) my weird trait about myself. I don't just have a Medusa Complex that I thought I may have: I simply like control.

Last shift I was telling Colleen that I may have psychotic tendencies because there are times when I think about whacking one of my crushes in the head and dragging him in a dark room or something *insert more lurid details here*. And yes, freezing him or turning him to stone as a trophy prize afterwards. Hehe. I love control. I love power. But these thoughts -- crazy or otherwise -- makes me realize that I may be liking these things too much. Obviously too much of something is wrong. Watching that House episode reaffirms that, in a grossed-out, exaggerated way.

Then again, I may just need to get laid. Pronto. Hehe. *sigh* I'm watching too much TV, I guess. I soo need a social life.

* * *

Meanwhile, more shows to keep myself glued on the tube, thanks to Entertainment Weekly's Fall TV Preview issue. Yeah I know... I'm such a couch potato (or is it bed potato? I usually watch TV lying in bed... duh):

  • Desperate Housewives. I'm still hoping Marcia Cross (Bree) will win the Emmys. Anyway, now that the mystery of Mary Alice is resolved (somewhat), hopefully the other questions about the last season's finale will be answered too: will Zach really shoot Mike? What is Alfre Woodward's character Betty Applewhite hiding? Will Rex be the next season's deadly narrator (I would soo love that. Waah! I'll miss Steven Culp)?

  • Lost. Season 2 promises more mysteries, now that the hatch has been opened. Then there's Michelle Rodriguez as the new character Ana-Lucia, whom we saw at the last season's finale. Sounds like another love interest for Jack. And she was at the tail-end of the plane. So that may mean another batch of survivors? Maybe Rose's husband is still alive after all...

  • Prison Break. Two words: Wentworth Miller. And another two words: In jail. Already I imagine prison sex a la Oz. HAHAHA! Well if there's none, at least there's still Wentworth, with that intense blue eyes *swoon* on a show on how to break out of prison if you yourself helped build it.

  • Grey's Anatomy. Yet another set of two words: Patrick Dempsey (if it's not that obvious at this point, usually my interest on TV shows are piqued by hot men). And Sandra Oh's there, too! I've yet to watch the first season, though -- I've to ask T for a copy for my TV-show marathon.

  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Last season's finale had Grissom uttering: "I want my boys back." The question is: will he get his wish? Meanwhile, more crime (duh) and more investigation.

  • CSI: New York. Dr. Sheldon Hawkes is applying for the field job! Danny Messer (Carmine Giovinazzo! *drool*) just had his psych eval after that cop-shooting episode! Clearly presents a conflict for Det. Mac Taylor huh? Oh, and there's Det. Flack, too. *more drool*

  • Las Vegas. Josh Duhamel! (BTW, I learned recently that his last name is pronounced /du-mahl/. Hehe. Probably around the same time I learned that Brandon Routh's last name is pronounced /rowth/ as in "mouth".) I'm watching season 1 now on AXN as I always seem to miss it on Studio 23. Plenty of time to catch up...

  • Will and Grace. Ah, the supposed final season. This show has grown into me, despite the fact that I rarely watch it these days (darn reruns). They will surely be missed.

  • Amazing Race: Family Edition. what can I say? Simply the best reality show. And it's about families this season! With a... seven-year-old? Hmm... It'd be interesting to see if they can last long.

  • Survivor: Guatemala. It's Survivor, despite the same old torch-snuffing routine. Need I say more?

Then there are the other shows I've to catch up on: Gilmore Girls, The O.C., Charmed... well, practically all shows on ETC (Joan of Arcadia and Veronica Mars are so growing into me) and Studio 23... *sigh* like I said, I soo need a life. Hehe.

* * *

Word for today: petsa peligro. Thanks to my sister for the term. Hehe. Bumenta sakin eh. Literally translated "danger date". Defined as the days (or in my case, weeks) before the next pay day and one's already running out of money. Good thing I got my pay today. Heehee.