Thursday, September 01, 2011

guy talk

Writing Challenge, Day 13

Sort of like a spin-off of the Girl Talk and Name Game parts, this time trying the IM conversation format. Bryan and Ryan are chatting online, talking about the trials and tribulations of having a* account.

(* is an actual site--it still exists today. Di pa uso ang Planet Romeo or its predecessor Guys 4 Men 'nun.) :)

* * *

bry0625: This is frustrating, Ryan. Ayoko naaa... :-(

bi_ologist: Frustrating in what sense?

bry0625: In every sense of the word!
I think my balls are no longer blue, they're purple na.

bi_ologist: Wooowww... feeling mo in-demand ka?

bry0625: That's another thing that's frustrating.
So many hot men, but no one's giving me the time of day!

bi_ologist: Did you follow the instructions I gave you the last time?

bry0625: You mean declare myself as a "bisexual" man? Inasmuch as I cringe at the thought of eating pechay, yes I did.

bi_ologist: May inasmuch-inasmuch ka pang nalalaman ngayon!
Your new job is expanding your vocabulary range huh?

bry0625: LOL! :-D
Gaga college ko pa ginagamit yan.
By the way, I don't think your use of expand was correct...

bi_ologist: Never mind that.
Inasmuch as I'd looove to discuss English vocabulary and grammar, we're talking about your frustration.

bry0625: I still don't get the "one-level-up" thing regarding local online sexuality...

bi_ologist: Marketing purposes lang 'yun Bry.
Think of it this way: even within our community (community talaga!may discrimination pa rin.
Gay still means "parlorista" to some people, especially dun sa mga closet case.

bry0625: So I guess we have use "bi" because it's, what? Less offensive? That's the level-up?

bi_ologist: Plangak! :-D

bry0625: Eh pa'no yung mga actual na bi?

bi_ologist: No such thing. Ching! :-P

bry0625: You sound just like Perry.

bi_ologist: Whom I've yet to meet, by the way.
Anyhoo. Think of it this way:
gay : bi :: bi : straight tripper

bry0625: Ay wow, parang IQ test lang.
Hm... Which explains the bi "bois" na plakado ang kilay...

bi_ologist: Judgmental!
But you get the point. Hehe! At least good for you that your profile pic is... pwede na. ;-)

bry0625: Kawawa naman ang mga straight sa site na yun.

bi_ologist: Um, Bry...
If there are actual straight guys on that kind of site, either they're deranged, call boys, or their accounts were hacked.

bry0625: Ooh! Men for rent! HAHAHAHA!

bi_ologist: Forget I said that!
Cross that bridge when you're past twenty-five. May ilang taon ka pa. ;-)

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