Saturday, September 03, 2011


Writing Challenge, Day 14

Wow two weeks! Almost (technically) halfway through. Not that I'm counting or anything. LOL! As the goal of the challenge said, it's more of me (and those participating) trying to develop that habit of writing regularly. Even if coming up with shit stuff is sooo hard! I really had this urge earlier to cop out and have Bryan create his "own" blog entry. Hehe! Fiction prevailed. Yay!

Macky and Det asked if what I've been writing the past couple of days were indeed fictional. Well, as mentioned in some (most?) of the posts, they are largely based on real-life experiences. Just how much of those experiences were translated to any of these will be my secret. Hello, my story still doesn't have an ending! Meanwhile, the romantic in me wants to give Bryan a happy ending. :) *awww*

(Macky then proceeded to say that the greatest love stories are the tragic ones. Hmph! Salamat sa encouragement teh! But we'll see...)

I'm running out of ideas on how to proceed. Looking at my mind map (started a year ago, now it's getting web-by!), I'm jumped to another, almost related, adventure. Clearly I need to organize my stuff.

* * *

Be there in 5 mins, Bryan typed on his cellphone before pressing Send. He lied. It will probably take him good twenty minutes to get to that big mall compound in Makati, judging from the bumper-to-bumper cars in C5. Dammit, he thought. On a freaking Tuesday morning?

He slumped at the backseat of the taxi as the meter beeped another two pesos and fifty centavos charge. This better be worth it, Bryan continued to talk to himself. He thought of how he managed to convince his manager at his new job that he was feeling feverish and that needed to go home early. What are the chances that madam will suddenly show up in Makati the same time he's on a date (and possibly locking lips) with another guy?

Bryan shrugged. He's getting way ahead of himself. Kissing will be the least of his worries. At that moment, all he wanted to do was to roll down the window of his taxi and throw up. He imagined his puke slowly making a trajectory towards the sleek black Honda Accord on his right. He wondered how will he angle his neck to achieve forty-five degrees.

His phone beeped. An unregistered prepaid number replied. K. Bryan resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Of all the stupidest messages! He always thought how that one-letter-word answer signifies finality. End of discussion. No arguments, no explanations. As if all the things the other sender sent did not mean anything. And how does one reply to that?

The phone beeped again, and another message appeared: Take ur time. Take care! :)

Well at least the guy knows how to make bawi, Bryan thought.

The taxi inched forward. His stomach started to grumble from both hunger and anxiety. He said a silent prayer to the powers that be that hopefully, this will be better than the last time.

He can still remember his first EB. It was during his senior year in college...

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