Thursday, September 01, 2011


Writing Challenge, Day 12

Continuation from yesterday's post. Sorry this is kinda short (just slightly exceeded the 250-word mark). Anyhoo, I wanted to establish an online persona for Bryan, which will--hopefully--then trigger the his next adventure/s in his quest to get past first base(!) and/or find true love.

I think I said this before but I really enjoy thinking of how conversations will flow instead of doing narratives. Maybe I should re-do this whole thing and make this into an "indie flick" *ehem* LOL!

Last night in Taipei. Will probably post separate entries in the next couple of days. Special mention to Rikah, who apparently reads the shit I/we (the 30-day challengers write). :) Thanks teh for the fun two nights!

* * *

"What do you mean I need a makeover?" Bryan asked, incredulous at the thought.

Ryan continued to eye him critically.

"Utang na loob Ryan, don't be such a cliche," Bryan said, just as the mocha frappe he ordered came. He took a sip and slightly winced. Either he's being too paranoid or he did taste a hint of his macchiato.

"It's not a cliche."

"Really? She's All That, Ted Schmidt in QAF season five? Hellooo," Bryan countered, knocking the wood table with his free hand. "There's the bell Ryan, please ring it."

Ryan said nothing, his face deep in thought now.

"And for your information," Bryan continued, "I happen to know a thing or two about the latest fashion trends." He caught himself. "Of course," he added quickly glancing at his jeans and t-shirt combo, "today's outfit may not speak volumes of my in-depth fashion knowledge--"

"I didn't say you needed a fashion makeover."

"But--," Bryan started, then caught himself again. "Ah... Oh! Sorry."

"Masyado ka kasing OA eh..."

"Sorry na nga."

"Anyway," Ryan said dismissively. "So yeah, you need a makeover. You need to be more butch."

"Ang hirap naman--," Bryan started.

"At least, for the meantime, you need to be butch online," Ryan qualified, cutting his friend off.

"Pero Ryan naman, you know I don't like using that IRC thing. 'Bi Manila?' Really?"

"Eh kasi," Ryan explained. "Alam mo naman tayong mga bading, nagbobolahan muna paminsan-minsan. It's just like panliligaw the straight guys do. Only for us it's more... superficial."

"Adonis complex," Bryan said, somehow getting it.


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rikah said...

uu fan ako ng writing challenge nyo! araw araw yan, hihihi!! thanks teh for the special mention!! keep safe! see you next time! :D