Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Writing Challenge, Day 11

Back to Bryan's story. Scenario: one year after the Sim "thing", Bryan and Ryan meet once again to discuss Bryan's dilemma.

(OMG! Blogger is in Chinese! Hello from Taipei!)

* * *

"I'm gonna die a virgin," Bryan moaned as he flopped into the seat next to Ryan in the exact same spot inside their favorite coffee shop where they met a year ago. Come to think of it, Bryan thought, today was almost the same one last year. It's just a coinicidence, he assured himself. He doesn't want to think that it's some sort of omen, as if death was keeping tabs on him.

"Well at least you switched jobs, that's a good start," Ryan said reassuringly, swishing the half-empty green tea. Bryan resisted the temptation of ordering macchiato like the last time. As it is, everything was getting a bit creepy.

"My new job's still butch for your taste, mind you," Bryan replied.

"How can writing be butch?"

"It's documenting, not exactly writing. I do more flowcharts than actual prose you know."

"Still, it's a good start. Baby steps."

"But I don't have time for baby steps."

"Arte mo. Sige," Ryan motioned to the security guard at the shop front. "All yours."

"Gagu!" Bryan admonished. Then he did a double-take. Hm.

"Eh choosy ka pala eh."

"Of course. I still have standards, okay?"

"Then don't say you don't have baby steps, you bitch," Ryan said half-seriously.

"Double-bitch!" Bryan retorted.

They both laughed at the 1980's Dina Bonnevie camp classic reference.

"Anyway," Ryan continued after recovering from their laughter. "If you have standards, so do other gay men. You are going after gay men now right?"

"Yeah yeah," Bryan dismissed. The Sim "thing" was still fresh from his memory. Not that there was anything that happened. Maybe that's just it. Not to mention the three percent. He's still holding on to that small odds.

"Okay, so...," Ryan interrupted his thoughts, as if sensing that his friend went to that dark place again. Eyeing Bryan critically from head to toe, he tried to break the ice.

"Just as I feared. You need a makeover."

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