Monday, August 29, 2011

bed weather

Writing Challenge, Day 10

Time out muna sa story ni Bryan. :) Hehe. I think I hit a snag after being on a roll for several days (of course, some of the past posts were almost cop-outs, what with the chat and letter forms...). Medyo nag-flash-forward yung storyline and definitely there are gaps to fill, like Bryan and Miro's first conversation (North/South Dakota not included), Bryan's a-ha moment that the guy is possibly his soul mate (is he?), and the fact that he still doesn't have a plan to get himself laid before he "dies" when he reaches thirty.

For the meantime, below is a post inspired by the rain (and perhaps the dozens of Harlequin romance cliches stuck in subconscious). Hey, I can just switch pronouns and this can actually still be part of the other story! I'm trying to hone my narrative skills, so feedback are most welcome (I'm talking to you, 20-plus [page]viewers of this entry. LOL!).

* * *

She was already awake but she kept her eyes shut and laid still. For the last five minutes that's what she had been doing. She was listening to the pitter-patter of the rain outside. The muffled yet cacophonous croaking of frogs from the distant lake. The soft crackling of embers that had been alive with red-orange fire the night before.

The sheets next to her rustled. Still not opening her eyes, she turned to her side and faced her lover. The deep breathing that escaped from his lips told her he's still wandering in his dreams. Dreams of her, she hoped, as she snuggled closer, resting her head in the crook of his arm. She strained her ears for the beating of his heart, the slow, steady rhythm the comes after each deep breaths he took.

She let out a small sigh then took a deep breath. She let her sense of smell work this time. The freshly laundered scent of the cotton sheets. A hint of strawberry from her own hair. She inhaled again and smiled in spite of herself. The heady scent of soap mixed with sweat greeted her; a scent that her mind had memorized, her body had familiarized.

She felt the warmth envelop her body. The sound of the rain and of the frogs blended and faded into a buzz, like static. All she can hear now is her own heartbeat. She inched closer and buried her face to his chest. She can almost taste him. She could if she wanted to, right there and then. She kept her eyes closed.

Her fingers found their way from his chest to his side, tracing his naked length as far down as they can reach. Then she let her hand slide up, tickled by the small hairs in his leg and thigh and caressed by the smooth sinewy grooves of his back.

Her lover let out a deep breath once more. Different. There was a hint of ragged pleasure this time, like it came from his smiling lips. He was awake.

Slowly, she opened them.


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you make up half of the 20+ viewers

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