Sunday, August 28, 2011


Writing Challenge, Day 9

Sim's reply. This is again loosely based on actual events. The Friendster message similar to this did exist, I was just sorry I wasn't able to save it when I closed my account (it would've been buried by the tons of spammed messages I received over the years).

* * *
Miro has sent you a message!
Hi Bryan!
Of course I remember you! Who would ever forget the Mariah Carey cassette tapes you always carry with you? Ikaw na lang ata ang kakilala ko nun na gumagana pa ang Walkman. :-) Do you still replay "Breakdown" over and over again? Memorized mo na siguro yung part ng Bone Thugs, no?
Thank you for your letter. Honestly medyo na-shock ako sa revelation. I don't know how would I have reacted then--as I am reacting now--pero one thing's for sure: hindi naman kita sasapakin. Hehe. I would like to think that the outcome would've been more positive. I'm kinda easy, you know. ;-P
I've never denied who I really was/am... it just didn't come up in our IM chats and Jolli-jeep conversations. Then again, how would one breach that topic?
In hindsight, I think I understand your predicament. We've known each other for, what, eleven months? And based on how I knew you... mataray pa rin ba ang first impression sa 'yo? Hehe! No wonder pinag-training ka ng boss mo!
BTW, the rumors were true. Let's just leave it at that. 
Yes, I'm working as a support supervisor here in Dubai. Same old, same old. Ikaw, ano na nangyari sa 'yo? Last I heard you transferred to another IT company? Akala ko ba you wanted to switch careers?
Take care of yourself. I hope you're doing okay, too. And I hope you find the... closure(?) you're looking for. 
Keep in touch!
- Miro 
(I decided to keep using your nickname here. Mas mabenta sa mga Arabo eh. LOL!)
PSI just remembered the "Heartbreaker" choreo you did during our Xmas party. Nakakatawa ka nun!
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