Saturday, August 27, 2011


Writing Challenge, Day 8

I'm trying a different format now, trying to tell the story in letter form. Steve Kluger's Almost Like Being In Love is the inspiration for such format. I also decided that for the past two entries, they will be IM conversations Perry and Bryan are having while handling calls.

Loosely based on actual events, er, letter.

* * *

Friendster New Friend Request Message:
Dear Sim, 
I'm not sure whether or not you remember me but we were workmates three years ago in that call center in Makati. I was checking out Jonas's Friendster profile and I saw you in his friend list. So... hi! :-)
On a (slightly) serious note, this may probably come as a surprise for you so please bear with me with this following statement:
I liked you. A lot.
Sorry biglaan ang drama ko. I'm currently taking this personal awareness training shit--ang gulo ko daw kasi sabi ng boss ko--and this is sort of an assignment. And you know what? I may not have had the courage to tell this to you ever if it was not... required.
I liked you. Probably still do.
Do you know what's funny? I imagined saying that to you in person three years ago when we were still doing tech support calls together. But I stopped myself kasi feeling ko sasapakin mo ko if you found out. LOL! Hey, we were good friends (Nancy-Papa batches forever!)--I didn't want to ruin whatever relationship we already had. I conditioned myself to be happy with the... platonic stuff.
Two years ago I heard chismis from Winston that you are, well, confeeermed! LOL! The three percent is apparently true (you should ask Perry about this--I see you're friends with her too)! It would've been the best opportunity for me (umasa pa raw talaga?), but if the rumors were indeed true, then you may--should--probably know why I stopped myself from telling you.
I heard you're now based in Dubai. Siguro mayaman ka na ngayon, no? Hehe. Which is also probably the reason it took me this long to write you. For one, 'di mo na 'ko masasapak ng ganun-ganun na lang sa layo mo. :-P But seriously, my coach for the personal training shit says I should let go of whatever past regrets I have so I can move on (wala pa rin kasi akong BF, naaawa na ata sa 'kin. HAHAHAHAHA!). Not telling you has been one of my recent regrets. Should-would-coulda, that sort of thing. Ewan.
This message is too long na. I'm rambling. Sorry parang Maalala Mo Kaya. But I hope you are well. I really do. 
- Bryan 
PS: Me stumbling across your profile just now? That's not entirely true. Okay that sounded creepy.
This message was sent out seven days ago.


Soapyness said...

parang di fiction

PJ said...

HAHAHAHA! shet ka.