Saturday, August 27, 2011

name game (aka girl talk, part 2)

Writing Challenge, Day 7

* * *

"Apparently his full name's Casimiro--"

"Ay ang bantot naman."

"--Casimiro Cariño."

"Ayan bumango na."

"Nagsalita ang Esperanza."

"What? I'm not ashamed of my full name. And it's not mabantot, just mahaba. Sige nga, how will you shorten it? And don't you dare suggest Espie."


"Too common."


"As in the singer? Next please."

"Esper! Para holy-holy ka kunwari."

"Tanga vesper ata iniisip mo!"

"Tanga esper de corps ang iniisip ko! Anyway... Esperanza Cariño. Uy, bagay kayo!"

"Assuming he is straight. Besides, he's not my type."

"This coming from a fellow single-since-birth? I... am... shocked."

"He's too tisoy. I want my men moreno."

"Plural talaga?"

"Walang pakialamanan."

"Bryan Cariño. Shit. Parang TF starlet. I wonder why he chose Sim? Miro would would've sounded better. Miro Cariño--"

"--Don de Estas La Cubetas!"


"Sim is nice. Like the computer game. Better that than, say, Cassie or Cici."

"He wouldn't have survived elementary if he went with Cici."

"Of course, if he is straight, and I'm ninety-seven percent sure he is--"

"I'm pretty sure he's not."

"--If he is straight, 'Perry and Cici' would be a cute combo."

"I thought he's not your type?"

"I may have to change my mind."

"He's too young for you."

"Dear, I'm twenty-eight. Every other guy is too young for me."

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