Thursday, April 24, 2008

four years

Yes, in the same company. Wow. That's like senior year in school. I don't know if that's good news or bad news though. Hehe. After all, as a high school senior in 1999, I was a know-it-all closet queen out to prove his worth. LOL! Four more years later as a college senior in 2003, I was a gay-lib pseudo-activist and a slacker who got a D in a major course (Linux programming sucks), almost jeopardizing my graduation.

As a full-fledged "senior" in my team (or at least one of the seniors... Jovi and Colleen still hold the super-senior titles), I wonder what has become of me? Granted, I'm still a know-it-all bitch and part-time slacker. ;) Hopefully, though, I've exuded other -- and better -- qualities other than those. And, in a way, influenced others in a good way.

(Naks, spoken like a pageant princess. I don't feel any pressure right now. Dapat lang. Plastic ako eh. HAHAHAHA!)

Whilst importing my previous posts to Multiply (and in deleting the duplicates in the process), I noticed how my writing, too, has evolved a bit over time. Three years ago, most of my entries were news bits, droolable men, and the occassional musings on life and love. These days, my entries were... whiny? LOL! So much for maturity. Maybe I should add more droolable men.

Of course, I'd like to think my whining as a reflection of the bigger responsibilities. Such a big word, and I'll shut up now, lest I gripe again on how busy I am these days... (oops, there I go)

On May, I'll celebrate my 5 years as a peon. Yay. *rolls eyes*

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mayeh said...

congrats! pa-cheezebargar ka naman!

wala ako sa last pic BOO