Tuesday, April 22, 2008

cross-site scripting

Okay, so I didn't know my Multiply site -- which has its own blog feature -- allows Blogger import and automatic cross-posting. So sue me. Or not, considering other people don't know that feature as well. Hehe.

Supposedly importing is easy, that is, no manual copy-pasting involved (which was I did when I transferred blogs before). Of course, something crappy happened in between clicks so I ended up having duplicate posts. Ugh. Removing them took probably as much time as the copy-pasting thing after all. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, chalk this as another motivation to trick out the Multiply page. I had that account since forever and while it has some videos and pictures on it, it's just... there. Hehe. Heck, up until I imported my blog entries, I only had one blog post. LOL! And that was about me saying that I'm sticking to Friendster. And look how my Friendster blog -- and access to it for that matter -- ended up (damn IT!).

Sana dumami na ang mag-comment sa posts. HAHAHAHA!

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