Friday, April 18, 2008

turtle soup

Bought my first Ben & Jerry's ice cream the other day whilst -- ironically -- grocery shopping with Eric for health food stuff (read: whole grain cereals, low-fat milk, etc.). Also ironic? Why the hell did I not buy one when I was in the US last year? Hehe. It's probably way cheaper there, compared to the P300-a-pint price at Rustan's. Oh well... I'll just say I wasn't able to find one at Walgreens.

Anyway, so I bought one just to check out what the fuss was about it -- my Marketing 101 course in college used it as a case study, after all.

(Also, it's my mock toast for Mimi, her new album, and the American Idol night dedicated to her. Ching!)

Turns out that it's that good. :)

Then again, maybe the price had something to do with the taste.

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