Friday, June 01, 2012

#30daywritingchallenge : who's in?

I had a crazy idea a couple of days ago: why not revive the 30-day writing challenge Macky, Tin, and myself (and some other people) took to task last year?

I don't know why I suddenly had that idea. I did say in my 30th post last September that I hope I'll continue to write. Of course that didn't happen. Hehe. (Although to be fair, I managed to keep a mini notebook of ideas for the story I was working on.)

This should jumpstart things a bit. Again. And it starts today!

Copy-pasting Macky's "guideline" from last year here, to those who are interested:
This is a spin-off, if you will, of the 30-day challenges that we've been seeing around...The goal is to produce 200-500 words a day, the sum of these words being "literary" in nature (rather than the everyday kind of blogging that we do too easily), ranging from poetry to prose, from self-contained vignettes to parts of a book project...[T]his is a challenge, not a contest; the only reward we're going to get is the chance to agonize over the creation of a poem or a story that people can only love, hate or ignore. And who wants that, really?

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