Sunday, April 08, 2012

the vision of love redux

CAUTION: Extreme Fangirling Ahead.

(Because seriously, who wouldn't with that amazing picture?)

A whirlwind of kickawesome things have happened since my last Kris-related post (and that was just a couple of weeks ago!).

In my last post, I was still cautiously optimistic on how things were going along with his album. Well now I can really breathe a huge sigh of relief, squee, then flail, because Thank You Camellia (we have a title!) will hit stores on May 22nd (we have a date!), with pre-orders already being accepted on his online store.

(Side note: Camellia makes me giggle because it reminds me of Camella Homes and that copywriting workshop I did last year. Also, who else is singing the title to the tune of Alanis' "Thank U" in their heads? LOL).

Of course, I immediately pre-ordered the standard CD and special vinyl--even though I don't have a turntable--the day it was announced. Only to find out several days later that a special deluxe edition has been made available with a bonus acoustic EP. So now I have two pending orders, to the point that my credit card company warned me of possible fraudulent transaction. HAHAHA! But seriously, I hope I didn't mess up my transactions. To be fair, I was asked to upgrade my existing order, but I didn't realize I can probably just re-add the vinyl they are attempting to replace... *sigh* Oh well, fingers crossed.

Also fingers crossed: that my orders don't get lost in the mail.

The official music video of "The Vision of Love" also premiered just before the Easter holidays. It's been stuck on repeat in my playlist the entire Holy Week (so much for abstinence and fasting), which may probably explain it's now close to 500K views in just 3-4 days. It features Kris in a tight-fitting shirt. And oh yeah, there're love-yourself and anti-bullying messages too:

(Granted, half a mil is no biggie for some, but hey, it surpassed the views of "The Truth", but who's counting? :-P)

He also started doing several rounds of press interviews, including this one on's The Music Insider, where he, you know, just answered a friggin' question I sent in:

This kinda makes up for the time I asked him about his hairy feet:

This also beats the Twitter scorn from Kris. LOL. I mean, the only time he replied/RT-ed me was not really my most glorious moment:

Next up: American Idol performance on April 19 results show! Yay.

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