Saturday, March 24, 2012

the vision of love

So the title for this entry should not be surprising, as I have been stanning over "The Vision of Love", the new single by pocket idol Kris Allen since a remix of the then-rumored first single got leaked in the Internets. (Gotta love 'em Krinjas and their super-sleuthing skills; also to love: Kris as a possible #nuqueen of the dancefloor. :-P)

Anyway, so the song (not to be confused with the "Vision of Love" by Mariah, who I also adore) will indeed be Kris's lead single for his upcoming, still-untitled sophomore album. Yay!

(Of course, part of the paranoid, doom-and-gloom stan in me is kinda wringing his hands with worry too. The album release date is still TBD after all. Then again, back in 2009 a Krisbert's wish is for him to just be successful enough to do album #2. And from the looks of how things are moving along--music video just wrapped, a Wal-mart exclusive physical single coming out this Monday, possible site re-design--I hope he sells millions and win awards and come back to Manila so I can stalk him again.)

/tarding over

But seriously, the song is pretty catchy. It's kinda late with the #ItGetsBetter theme (see: "Firework", "F*ckin' Perfect", etc.), but gosh, holy falsetto Batman:

* * *

Speaking of visions of love, several weeks ago I was bombarded with news of people being "happily in love" and/or getting hitched: the colleague, the Yankee, and the Hobbit to (code-)name a few. Heck, I even paused the new Kris song stuck on repeat in my iTunes playlist and cranked Adele's "Someone Like You" full blast (in my earphones anyway) as dedication to last one. HAHAHA! (affected much?) Ah well... good times. BRB ogling the honeymoon pictures.

It was a good thing McVie posted this status message:
Time and again I hear of guys who fall for another guy but keep their feelings to themselves. Then they bemoan the fact that their object of affection doesn’t see them the way they do. But they justify loving from afar even if they get hurt, because they say to love is to risk. 
Well! I say to love is to risk, so tell him how you feel. The sooner you do that the better, while you still haven’t emotionally invested a lot on him. Keeping your feelings to yourself isn’t love; it’s selfishness and stupidity. 
If he doesn’t share the same feelings, move on. If he doesn’t reciprocate, move on. Martyrdom for unrequited love was burned at the stake a long time ago.
My 20-year-old self just got his ass whipped big time. Good thing I got older and (hopefully) wiser.

Then again, even wise men do stupid things sometimes. Oh hello there, annual fling.

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