Saturday, December 31, 2011

till the world ends (aka how i roll, part 2)

Last July I wrote a sort-of a half-year review on how things were going along in my life. I was re-reading it earlier while I was trying to come up with the usual year-end musings (my Twitter feed and Facebook wall are littered with these since yesterday). Boy, how time flies. And how things change so fast.

Despite the birthing pains I've experienced earlier this year working on new tasks at work, I'd like to believe that I (and the team) overcame those. Passed with flying colors, if I say so myself. Sure, there are still kinks in the processes, but hey, when you get the chance to shoot a video starring your CTO, or hear him pimping some of the team's handiwork in a huge gathering of engineers more technical than us, it's a huge validation that we're doing something right.

(Otherwise, I won't be stressing on a deliverable due a week after the holiday break, with only four days to work on it. Let alone a job, given the recent re-org.)

The dating department was pretty much status quo for the rest of 2011. My musings in a previous post pretty much sums it up. I'd like to reiterate the silver lining though: this department did drastically improve this year. I must be doing something right. Or I just look good in my profile pic.

I managed to lose 3lbs. around September when my friends and I (re)started the Insanity workout (among other video exercise routines) at, well, work. Of course, I regained those pounds (plus four more during this holiday break) when the excitement fizzled out.

A couple of weeks ago I resolved (via a Tweet, not really the most profound venue) to invest on my body more and be the Mr. Right. I think I mentioned something similar before -- that I have take care of my health first in order to have a healthy dating life. Okay, so for the first half of the year, dare I challenge myself to lose 15lbs? Based on that 3lbs, with the right motivation apparently I can do it.

The same thing can be said with my writing. Hello, I managed to churn out about 12,000 words during that 30-day writing challenge Macky, Tin, and I challenged ourselves to do (these are the same girls who also took the Insanity workout challenge with me BTW. Haha!). That's like three chapters of a book! I just have to write 18 more chapters then revise like hell. If Samantha Sotto can finish a book in a school year and get published internationally... what's my excuse again?

I also finally got myself a car. Well what do you know, I can drive after all. :-) And with the adventures that I've had in the last two months because of it -- I realized I have strong affinity with potholes and gutters -- I'm sure next year will be quite as fun. I promise to be a better defensive driver though.

With all these, plus some great concerts (The Script! Kylie! Westlife! I attended about five this year -- the most I had in a year), and trips here and abroad, and other life events, 2011 has been pretty great to me (thank you universe!). Definitely topped the previous two years. I hope next year is going to be better still. Given the progression of awesomeness since "I'm-so-over" 2009, it better be.

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