Thursday, December 31, 2009

party like it's 2009

I am so over 2009.

As I write this, less than seven hours from now we'll say goodbye to the Noughties (is this the official term? Whatevs) and welcome the Tens. It's a new decade altogether, and it makes me... cautiously optimistic that the new year will be waaay better.

Don't get me wrong, the beginning of the year was very interesting for me. Then it just sort of... flatlined. I wouldn't even call it a downward spiral -- more like it plateaued for the rest of the year. Come to think of it, this had been a constant subject of discussions, whether with the boss, or with the peers. *sigh* Eric tells me I may not taking advantage of all the opportunities presented to me. Maybe.

And to think I said I should grab life by the balls.

It was a year of learning. Sure, it was mired with disasters (in every sense of the word). But it was also a year of firsts for me. Very dramatic. But Macky will tell you that she is so over the drama. Me too, for once.

In any case, three resolutions, that hopefully I'll follow through:
  • Be healthy (that includes lose 10 pounds and build mass -- I want to be buff. LOL!
  • Fall in love
  • Fly higher
And oh look -- things are predicted to go better already.

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