Friday, July 15, 2011

how i roll

First time to blog for this year and since my colleagues and I are just about publish a Q2 roundup, I feel like a (delayed) corporate report ready to announce the executive summary. (Oh look at the highlights and lowlights!)

I'm now on my seventh year working for the same company, handling new tasks. I think I'm doing a good job so far, but not as great as I expected myself to be. Birthing pains I guess -- hey, if you're handling multiple stakeholders and trying to come up with ideas on how to retell one story in three different versions, while trying "operationalize" (this year's buzzword) campaigns... well, kelangan na ng Extra Joss. And extra choz on the side.

That's not to say everything's going downhill though. :) There were definitely some successes, if I say so myself. This is my lucky 7th year dammit. I've willed the universe that it's have to shine!

I wish I could say the same thing with the health and love areas, the other two of my three goals this year. I stopped going to the gym in my attempt to regain control on my finances. Not that I did go regularly to the gym when I was paying its monthly dues. *sigh* So now I'm getting fat, and apparently I almost failed my physical (seriously, how can one fail a health exam?). Despite these, I still haven't had gotten the drive to correct this. I'm lazy that way. (But apparently not lazy enough to write about it.)

Went to a couple of dates this year, which is a feat. That's definitely a check in my non-existent bucket list. They were fun, but obviously none of these worked out. I finally realized that I have to get fit and healthy to have a healthy dating life. So why am I still not inspired to restart that Insanity video workout again?

I need motivation. Or at least even a new one. If the prospect of getting a heart attack or diabetes is not scaring me anymore, I'm in huge trouble.

* * *
Of the more (slightly) mundane, pop-culture-y items, I:
  • Was able to go to three concerts, all of which were sooo worth it. Kylie Minogue's Aphrodite Tour definitely takes the crown as one of the best shows I've attended. If not the best.
  • Started collecting Ken dolls, just because Mattel released Barbie Basics 2.0. Well, technically mine's not a collection yet (and I doubt it'll ever be). But see, this is the kind of drive that I should be focusing on in other aspects of my life. Clearly I have misguided priorities. (And yet, I'm still all talk in that department... *facepalm*)
  • Went to Anilao and snorkeled for the first time. This was with some colleagues and the big boss.
  • Re-watched Zaturnnah (still made me laugh) and watched Caredivas, which was equally good.
  • Was provisioned a new office laptop since the four-year-old one is ready to die. I'm liking Windows 7.
  • Discovered a cheaper spa. LOL.

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Soapyness said...

puro ka kakatihan!

well, kanya-kanya lang tayo ng kakatihan.

walang pera, walang pag-ibig, sayaw na lang tayo!