Friday, December 31, 2010


So I just finished watching Spider-Man 3 on AXN and am now snacking on Tropical Hut spaghetti and cheeseburger (always my fave -- better than Jollibee or McDo IMO) and what do I see in my Twitter feed? My friends and colleagues posting their #2010was retrospective.

Kudos to you guys for summarizing the year in 140 characters or less. Me, I'll cheat. LOL. Hey, I rarely blog these days and since I also did it last year, might as well do my musings here.

At almost the exact time last year, here's what I said:
I am so over 2009.

As I write this, less than seven hours from now we'll say goodbye to the Noughties (is this the official term? Whatevs) and welcome the Tens. It's a new decade altogether, and it makes me... cautiously optimistic that the new year will be waaay better.
So was 2010 "waaay better"? In a sense, yes. Hello, I got to meet Kris Allen and win a netbook in a span of weeks last February. Clearly, that was a sign. :P But seriously, I wouldn't call 2010 an awesome year. Just... warm and fuzzy good. I'll give it an A-minus.

If 2009 for me was a year of learning, I'd like to think of 2010 as my year of progressing. There were some roadblocks and challenges (as with any other year), but there were also my personal shining moments and some [more] realizations about myself that might forever... change my course. Fingers and toes crossed!

Last year I also made three resolutions. Allow me to revisit them and make excuses as to why I didn't fulfill them. LOL!
  • Be healthy: I most definitely did not become buff or lose 10 pounds (I had my gym membership suspended for a time). I also suffered another kidney stone pain and was diagnosed with sleep apnea. *sigh* And yet I'm still munching on spaghetti and burger as I write this, no?

  • Fall in love: If by love we mean something romantic here (as I originally intended), then this is also a fail. But hey, I'm still surrounded with family and friends that love me. And I love them too. The year also allowed me to share this love to other people -- from the expanded network of friends and acquaintances (thanks to the numerous Soju parties and @chekmarkeching gimiks), to the GK peeps I've met back in November.

  • Fly higher: Chalk this to the "change course" realizations I was referring to earlier. So, yes, there were some personal triumphs, albeit not related to some of the goals I (and in the context of work, my boss) has set. I flew, just not in the right direction I guess? ;)

I guess I'll keep these three as my goals for next year, huh?

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