Friday, June 01, 2012


Writing Challenge, Day 1

I decided to continue Bryan's story from last year. When I was looking at my scribbles in my small notebook, though, I put in there "change to first person" as one of my revision ideas. So I'm trying that out now.

I also decided to try my hand at... erotica. LOL. The one below doesn't contain anything explicit yet, but I'm trying to set the scene.

* * *

Last night I dreamt about Allan again.

In my dream, I was--weirdly enough--in the locker room of my old office. Unlike the rows of cabinets located in every other wall in the company Allan and I work at, my old call center office have dedicated locker rooms on every floor. These rooms are painted navy blue to complement the bright red and white cabinets. I assumed that the company is going for the Americana theme when I first saw the room. We were, after all, catering to US-based customers.

By the doorway, I could see Allan in the middle aisle by his locker, toweling his moist head off. He was wearing a white sando--the tank top one typically puts a polo shirt over it for business casual days--and green and white basketball shorts. He turned to my direction and caught me staring at him. He smiled as I quickly looked down on the floor to compose myself. Adjusting the backpack in my shoulder, I entered the room.

He was still smiling and looking at me when I looked up in the general direction of the bathroom behind him, at the far end of the room. I forced myself to look at him, raise both my eyebrows in recognition, and smile back.

"Hey Bryan," Allan greeted, his baritone stronger and more confident than how our real-life conversations sounded.

"Uy! 'Musta," I replied curtly.

"Okay lang. 'San ka galing?"

I transferred my backpack from my right shoulder to the left as I tried walking past him. At that precise moment, he stepped back from his locker in an attempt to give me right of way. My nose got smooshed by his shoulder blade before I can maneouver.

"Oops!" I exclaimed. "Sorry," I continued, chuckling nervously.

He was still smiling and looking at me, expecting for an answer to his question.

"Ah. I was at the sleeping quarters. Offset kami ni Ton tonight."

"Wow. Back-to-back shifts?" He asked. As if the answer wasn't obvious.

"Yup," I answered, finally able to walk past him and made a beeline towards the bathroom.

"It's locked," he called after me. Sure enough, I can hear the sound of water coming from the shower inside.

I tried the doorknob for good measure, but as expected, it didn't budge. Sighing, I turned around and slumped to the floor, ready to wait it out.

"By the way, ako next," Allan informed me as he sauntered towards me, still toweling his head. He sat beside me and crossed his legs.

"Oh. I thought tapos ka na," I said, pointing to the towel.

He shook his head. "Ah, no. Nag-gym ako sa taas," he explained, referring to the set of weights by the stock room upstairs.

"Ah. Shet."

Allan threw his head back and laughed out loud, apparently finding my remark hilarious. I gave him an odd look. It lasted for about a minute. Then he sighed as he tried to catch his breath.

Then turned to me and blurted out:

"Sabay na lang tayo."

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