Tuesday, September 20, 2011

fantasy (aka girl talk, part 5)

Writing Challenge, Day 30

DONE! Well, the month-long exercise, that is. I can't believe I actually managed to last this long. Hehe! Anyhoo, I hope I can continue this habit. This story I'm working on is not yet done, after all.

Not sure if I'd like to continue writing this online though. Hm...

* * *

"So what's drawing you to him," Perry asked Bryan, as if reading his thoughts at that very moment.

"I dunno...maybe it's because he is not that tall," Bryan replied, shrugging. "Okay, yeah" he continued, deadpan. "He's a hobbit."

The three of them laughed.

"Seriously, though?" Bryan said after recovering from the giggles. "I think it's because he's so...innocent? Parang hindi makabasag-pinggan and all that shit."

"Maybe he's just shy," Perry offered.

"Which probably explains why part of me wants to mother him, then seduce him in true Oedipal fashion," Bryan jokingly replied.

"Scratch 'shy'. The engineer is plain scared."

"Dapat lang. What with all these kinky, naughty things I plan to do to him, he'd never see the light of day again" Bryan countered again. Part of what he said was true; he did not tell his friends but for the past few days, Bryan was having dreams about Allan. Him having dreams recently was a surprise in itself, considering he just transitioned back to day shift and hasn't had the time to adjust himself to the new sleeping schedule.

Add the fact that he was having erotic dreams... Bryan shivered in excitement.

There was this one dream he's had last Tuesday, the day after he first saw Allan. In that dream, Allan had another error in his submitted document that needed to be corrected. In true triple-X fashion that would rival Falcon studios, Bryan had said: "Oh no, Allan, you know what this means, don't you? Every mistake needs to be corrected." He flashed a wicked smile.

Allan then smiled his same sheepish smile, scratched his unruly hair, then went on all fours and crawled underneath Bryan's desk.

"Yes, Sir Bryan," he'd said, his voice muffled by the cramped space he was in. Among other things.

If Bryan hadn't been asleep and turned on by this wet dream, he would've cringed at the dialogue.

More dreams followed, each reminiscent of every porn flick he'd seen. Riding Allan cowgirl style in the fire exit stairwell. Missionary style on top of the executive meeting room table, a projector casting our shadows in the white board. Just outside the executive room, by the lounge chairs. In the shower stall, using the detachable head to spray a stream of water to Allan's balls, tickling him to orgasm.

"Oh my god, are you fantasizing about him now?" Perry shouted, interrupting Bryan's trance. People at the nearby tables turned to their direction.

"Shh!" Bryan shushed Perry in a low voice, trying to keep the warmth he felt crawling to face from coloring his face again.

"Well you were, weren't you?" Perry demanded in a lower voice. Ryan was looking at Bryan too, his face expectant.

"No I wasn't!" Bryan lied unsuccessfully.

"Hay Bryan, ayan ka na naman," Perry scolded.

"What? He's straight, that I'm one-hundred-percent sure. Not unlike your last estimate Perry," Bryan said defensively, pointedly emphasizing his last statement.

It was Perry's turn to blush and for a moment, Bryan felt bad for guilt-tripping her friend. He mentally shook his head. Well she started it, he thought.

"One hundred percent sure ba talaga?" It was Ryan's turn to ask.

"He has a girlfriend."

"Like that means anything these days. Sabi nga nila 'ang manok na nakatali, mas madaling hulihin.'"

"Wow. How profound Ry."

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