Sunday, September 18, 2011

girl talk, part 4

Writing Challenge, Day 29

I missed a day of the writing challenge because I overslept. :( I promised myself to write a new one last night after taking a nap, and what do you know? It's Sunday. LOL.

Anyway, continuing the Allan storyline... One day to go!

* * *
Bryan could not stop thinking about Allan for the rest of the week.

It's torture, Bryan admitted to himself. Allan is one-hundred-percent straight after all, what with his girlfriend working in the same company. But there is something about the shy engineer that's drawing him in.

"He's not you're type," Ryan and Perry said to Bryan in unison the following Sunday over lunch. It was one of those rare weekends when their schedules are free, given their crazy work schedules. Ryan is now doing residency in one of the big hospitals in Manila and Perry has since transferred to a different account after the technical support one she and Bryan worked at closed shop and moved to a different call center.

"I don't have a 'type,'" Bryan replied in protest.

"Yes, you do," Perry said matter-of-factly. Ryan nodded.

"You like your guys mestizo," Ryan said.

"And shorter than you," Perry added.

"And slightly younger--," Ryan contributed again.

"Wait," Perry interrupted Ryan, turning to him with a quizzical. "I always knew Bryan preferred older guys. Girl's got daddy issues you know." She pointed her fork to Bryan's direction.

"But the last guy was slightly younger, yes?" Ryan asked.

"Only by a few months. Doesn't really count," Perry countered, shrugging. She turned to Bryan. "How young is this Allan?"

"About two years younger," Bryan replied.

"Well, hello there creepy stalker, knowing his age after just four days," Ryan teased. Bryan blushed.

"See?" Perry, said over a mouthful of penne arrabiata, as if the conversation is finished. She swallowed before continuing. "This one's not your type. Moreno, way younger than you are, and..." she trailed off to reconsider. "Okay, you said he's not that tall either so I give you one out of three."

"You forgot to mention that Bryan likes guys with emotional baggage, Per" Ryan joked. Perry laughed.

"You know I'm still here, you guys," Bryan said, slightly annoyed. Mostly to himself, he thought, because his friends are right. In a way.

So what's drawing me to him? Bryan asked again.

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