Friday, September 16, 2011

engineering, part 2

Writing Challenge, Day 28

* * *

"Um," Bryan began before realizing he doesn't know the engineer's first name. "What's your name again?"

"Sir, Allan po," the engineer replied.

"Allan, got it." Bryan replied. Then he began again: "Um, Allan?"

"Yes po?"

"Baka ma-kiss na kita nyan sa lapit ng mukha mo sa 'kin. Ikaw rin sige ka," Bryan joked, trying to relieve the tension. Mostly his own tension, he realized, given the engineer's next reaction.

Allan blushed as he made a soft chuckle to hide his embarrassment. "Ay, sorry po." He stood up straight, giving both of them enough room to breathe.

"Okay," Bryan said as he adjusted his chair and monitor, ready to type. "Just tell me which section."

"Sir, sa technical specifications po," Allan replied. "The first two sections should be switched."

"I didn't touch the order in the tech specs. I just edited the sentence structure."

"Ah yes po. Ako po yung may mali."

Bryan looked up to Allan, a sheepish smile still pasted on his face. Bryan raised an eyebrow.

"Oh. So dapat pala reject 'to?"

Allan scratched his head again and nodded.

"Hay nako," Bryan said in mock exasperation as he turned back to his computer screen and pressed a couple of keys. "Fine, I'll switch the sections." He gave Allan a sidelong glance. "Next time ha?" He scolded, smiling.

Allan's smile deepened, exposing a dimple in his left chin. Oh shit he has a freaking dimple, Bryan thought.

"Anything else?" Bryan asked.

Allan shook his head.

"Okay. Tapos na kanina pa," Bryan said, turning back to his computer screen, trying to hide his grin. He always liked playing mataray to the engineers.

"Okay po."

"And can the 'po'"

"Po?" Allan asked, confused.

Bryan turned his chair once again. "I meant, 'wag mo na ko pino-po. I'm not your mother." Bryan explained. He should totally stop using American expressions and idioms like that. His new job require him to use simple English, after all.

And he used mother on purpose.

"Ah. Sige po."

Bryan raised his eyebrow again.

Allan laughed. Rich melodious baritone, Bryan noted. Or at least that's what he thought what a rich melodious baritone should sound like. It made Bryan's heart skip a beat, nevertheless.

"Sorry," Allan said, correcting himself. "Thanks again Sir Bryan!" He turned and walked towards his cubicle in the other side of the office floor.

Bryan's gaze followed Allan's retreating figure. He did not bother correcting Allan about the use of "sir." For Bryan, it sounded kinda...kinky.

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