Friday, September 16, 2011


Writing Challenge, Day 27

Three days to go!

So I think I'm done with the Casimiro angle in my last post. For now at least. Medyo ma-drama na kasi. Flash-forward now to another one of my Bryan's adventures. :-P I'll try to make this more... silly.

* * *

"Sir Bryan?" A shy voice asked.

"Yes?" Bryan replied without looking up from his computer screen.

"Sir, I have some corrections lang po sa document that you've edited?"

"What is it?" Bryan demanded as he turned his chair to face the engineer who was talking to him. After he started working as an editor in a prestigious computer hardware company, he found out soon enough that he can easily bully the engineers to practically do his bidding if he wanted to, especially when it comes to the technical manuals they produce. Bryan's words are final, the manager had said when Bryan was introduced to the department during his first day. This is the first time since he started eight weeks ago that an engineer had the balls to come forward and correct his edits.

The young man scratched his head and smiled sheepishly. At least he's cute, Bryan thought, giving the engineer a quick once-over.

"Eh sir, regarding po sa tech details in this section," he said as he approached Bryan's desk. He hunched as he inched closer to Bryan to show the printed copy of the instructions Bryan sent half an hour ago for review.

Smells good too. Bryan added to his mind. Then he resisted the urge to kick himself in the head. Shit! 'Di ka na nadala!

What? The little devil in him asked innocently. The last time was different! You wanted to fall in love. Now you can just fall in lust and corrupt these innocent young 'uns.

"Teka, let me pull up the soft copy," Bryan cleared his head as he sat up straighter than normal and made a few clicks on the mouse. The document flickered open on the screen a few seconds later.

Big mistake. The engineer further closed in on what little space was in between himself and Bryan. He was now pointing on some items on the screen, his cheek almost brushing against Bryan's. Cold sweat started to break in Bryan's forehead.

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