Thursday, September 15, 2011

gossip, part 2

Writing Challenge, Day 26

Continuation of yesterday's post.

* * *

"Anong chismis?" Bryan inquired as he and Winston made their way to the corner cubicles by the window, where the Nancy-Papa people used to work. Used to being the operative word, Bryan thought. Even though there are still familiar faces in the area--Bryan waved hi to his and Winston's batch mommy who used to prepare lunch for them--most of the area are now occupied by newbies.

"Yeah, the Tango batch has taken over our place," Winston said, as if reading Bryan's thoughts. He shot one of the newbies a dirty look and rolled his eyes. "Anyway," he said, lowering his voice as he perched on the top of his cubicle. "So the first chismis is kinda obvious: ang daming sumunod sa 'yo after you resigned."

"Ganun?" Bryan asked as he took Winston's seat. "I hope hindi naman ako ang main reason nila ah."

"Of course not. Good timing ka lang talaga. I'm sure Perry told you that there are talks that the account might get pulled out?"

"Yeah, she did mention that."

"Kaya sya night shift now because I'm sure she's looking for a new job," Winston said conspiratorially. "I mean come on, Perry in night shift? Good luck na lang sa mga callers namin." Winston chuckled.

Perry mentioned this to Bryan too, but Bryan decided to keep quiet and just laughed along.

"Then, two months ago, someone got shot--"

"Whoa. What?!"

"A guy from the Charlie batch got shot," Winston explained. "Dead. Apparently he's having an affair with a girl from Echo. Eh may asawa ang loka. Ayun. Husband just walked here inside and shot the guy point blank."

"Wow," Bryan said, trying to imagine the seeing someone get shot. "Did they catch the guy?"

"No. It was a Sunday eh. Wala masyadong tao. Guy left as if nothing happened. Now the girl has also gone AWOL."

"Nakakaloka naman."

"But wait, heto'ng mas nakakaloka," Winston whispered excitedly. As if a shooting is not exciting enough for him.


"M2M action 'teh!" Winston crowed. "Within Nancy-Papa!"

"Really? Eh akala ko tayo lang ang vaklesa sa group natin?"

"Yun din ang akala ko. Lecheng gaydar 'to!"


"Si Remy--"

"Jeremiah?" Bryan asked. The he shrugged. "Well, come to think of it, that's not really surprising," he reflected. "He wanted to be called Remy after all. Then again--"

"--and Sim!" Winston finished.

"--I always thought it was just a joke," Bryan finished at the same time. He stopped short, dropped his jaw, and looked at Winston, who was smiling triumphantly that he got the reaction he was expecting.

"Remy and Sim?" Bryan repeated, shocked.

"Plangak! Well, at least, that's what I heard from Ed," Winston said. "Remember Ed? He and Remy used to be buddy-buddies. A couple months after you left, they had a falling out."

"Is Ed also--?" Bryan began, but Winston shook his head.

"Nope. Ed's definitely straight. Pero he got tangled daw with the whole Sim thing. Too many lies daw. Ewan." Winston shrugged.

Bryan sat in silence, trying to absorb all the details. Winston was right, this definitely trumps the shooting incident. He did not know the guy who died after all. But this? This felt like a part of himself died.

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