Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Writing Challenge, Day 25

Short gist: after the dance things were never the same. To the point that Bryan had to leave and find a new job (I'm still not sure how to incorporate this in the text). Here, Bryan visits his old colleagues. And there will be revelations...

* * *

"Uy Bry! How are you?" Bryan's friend and former officemate Winston greeted him with a bear hug just as Bryan stepped off the elevator of his old workplace in Makati.

"What are you doing here? You're here to see Perry?" Winston asked as he swiped his access card to unlock the double-glass doors and ushered Bryan into the office floor. It's been six months since Bryan the last heard the buzz of voices answering calls. He took a quick look of the place. Nothing has changed, he noted, except perhaps the noticeably low call volume (no calls on queue, said the once-angry blinking monitor on the white wall). Perry had mentioned that calls were becoming less frequent because more customers are switching to broadband Internet. It had been a welcome break for some of the agents, but as the months passed, she said that the fear their account will be pulled out became apparent. Bryan felt it was good timing he switched jobs when he did.

"Ay no," Bryan replied to Winston's earlier question. "Perry told me she's on night shift today. I'm getting my back pay."

"Wow six months after you resigned? Ang taray! Siguro you're earning twice as much na kaya hindi mo kinailangan ang back pay." Winston kidded.

Bryan laughed. "Che! I just haven't had the time to process it," he answered. "Too much to do. Blah blah blah." He shrugged.

"I heard you have a weird schedule? Is that true?"

"Well kinda. I work thirteen hours a day. But four days lang."

"Wow naman," Winston said, envious. "Samantalang dito..." he trailed off with a sigh.

"What?" Bryan asked. He always thought Winston was the person he knew who feels most at home in this office. It seems Perry's growing concern had also affected the guy.

"Ay, ang daming chika since you left." Winston said cryptically in reply.

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