Monday, March 23, 2009

on a high

And not in a good way. Well sometimes it does feel good. Most of the time it feels like I was thrown under the bus. Wait. Make that thrown into the highway, horrorstruck at the approaching bus.

On the bright side, it did (somewhat) get me out of the recent...rut. Makes me feel I spoke too soon again (like that last time; look what happened just hours after). Being considered for -- and given -- such an opportunity despite some limited experience is a big deal (thanks to my awesome play of words. LOL!). Several days after I was briefed with the assignment, I was...shocked. Pleasantly surprised. My first thought was "oh my God, what am I gonna wear?"

But as the days passed and the details start to really sink in, the nerves start to jangle. This weekend I went to my mother's suking tailor to have myself fitted with a suit. My first one (so it was charcoal, as what Carson Kressley advised in the QE book...hehe!). This morning I am helping arranging calls for sync up meetings, finding out which will be the most convenient time to have some mentors drop by the office for some coaching, and preparing stats that I will ultimately present (with hopes that I will not get crucified in the process). They are all becoming real. Frakkin' real.

Chris says being scared and nervous is good, because it's acknowledging that there are some things that are not in my comfort zone. Therefore opportunities for growth and development. One communications seminar I attended, meanwhile, said that nervousness and excitement present the same physical symptoms, so might as well think about the latter. The power of positive thinking. Makes sense.

I can do this. If only my palms stops sweating cold sweat. Breathe.

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