Sunday, March 15, 2009

dark matters

Feels like I just woke up from a very looong slumber that was the past couple of days. Days riddled with several moments of nightmarish shit -- you know, the kind the dumb blondes in scary movies probably feel when they should be running away from everything and never look back but the curiosity of what happens next (or perhaps wishful thinking that everything is all right after all) gets the best of them. Somewhere out there, the Psycho violins are playing for me.

Or that feeling that you're sluggishly moving as if in a vat of something sticky, when all others are moving twice the supposed normal speed. The kind that'll drive one nauseous (nauseated?), put both hands on the sides of your head -- covering your ears for some reason -- and scream in a true over-the-top movie fashion: "Stop it! STOP IT!".

It's not that I've done another breakdown (and I use/d the term loosely). Call it a series of unforunate events. Or things that went...bummer. For one, my desktop PC looks like it's dying on me since last week -- as of this writing, I'm trying to defrag it but it keeps freezing. I can't even copy files to another disk for the same reason. *sigh* Methinks a malware hit it. Which is also ironic in some sense. Which is also a bummer if you think about it.

Which is why, like Macky, I have been craving for chocolate the past week (of course, in her case, she wants chicken drizzled with chocolate sauce...I wanted cake). It has been my comfort food of choice, despite my increasing cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Good post-coital upper too (or so I'm told *ehem*). Those who saw me munching the leftover Stick-O's from Alma's kapihan on Thursday or gobbling down Sugarhouse's Black Magic last Friday -- when there were lots of food for some reason -- would probably chalk it off as my regular chocoholic fix. I am a self-confessed one, after all... I always have to have something after meals. But I'd like to be a waxing poetic and say I'm fighting dark matter in my soul with another dark matter (naks!).

Yesterday I had dessert at Classic Confections and attempted to drown my issues into oblivion with the aptly-named Chocolate Oblivion. Perhaps it was the price of that mini-cake but I'm feeling slightly better now. Of course, Sugarhouse's price range should've done the trick earlier. Oh well...

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