Thursday, April 16, 2009

falling slowly

Well not really slowly, as I have been going gaga over Kris Allen since the American Idol semifinals. I think I already said this a couple of times in my tweets: not since season 5's Elliott Yamin did I have this strong an emotional connection to an AI contestant. LOL! Pathetic, no?

No wonder I feel stressed out for the past couple of days, especially yesterday when DialIdol showed that he's dead last again. Of course, other factors have contributed. Particularly the roller-coaster ride that is the upcoming Aussie trip next week -- and the keynote speeches that comes with it (eep! edits and practices galore). Yes, the said trip was the one I was referring to in my last post (which is also why I haven't gotten a chance to blog a bit recently). Hehe. Hey, I didn't want to jinx it. Although given the fact that I still don't have a Visa... *shrugs* it's all in the universe's hand(s?) now.

*deep breaths* This is me trying to be Zen about it. Don't even get me started with the/my other issues during the past weeks. Ugh.

The above title is an homage to Kris's lovely rendition of the Oscar-winning song this week as well. Makes me wanna upload it to my Multiply playlist. Nothing beats the original of course. And yes, I have to watch Once already.

So since stressed (and medyo depressed) ako, eto pictures ni Kris para naman may eye candy. Yan!

Eto pa! Um!

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