Friday, April 24, 2009

five years

I almost forgot my fifth anniversary working for the same company. Long story -- one that still involved the roller coaster ride a couple of posts back. A series of unfortunate events happened, leaving me slightly miserable and agitated. The dress rehearsals and self-application that followed (which involved a rather long letter of appeal for urgent processing) pretty much made my whole day that day.

Anyhoo. Five years. *sigh* Five years ago I didn't imagine going through the above mentioned process -- much less being selected to fill in that role (despite my relatively little experience). Wow.

Of course, five years ago I didn't expect I will last long. My first job lasted 11 months after all. *shrugs* Oh well. I guess I could owe it to all the drama that happened during the course of the said period: 594, the changing of the guards, comings and goings of colleagues (don't even get me started with QM). The perks and the happy moments also helped but c'mon, dramas are catalysts for change. For my part, change apparently means developing a tougher skin (and be more plastic. LOL!). And have a motherly instinct of sorts *shrugs*

Five years ago I was hired as a technical writer-cum-marketing specialist. It was only recently when the "marketing" part is being fully realized. I was thrown into a position practically unprepared (or so I thought) and yet given the successes -- big or small... let's just say that it's very nice to see the results.

The question now is what's next? I dunno. Someone told me that after five years I can go on a sabbatical. Tempting. :)

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