Monday, August 11, 2008

virtual insanity

Since my plans of getting a new car is going to be postponed indefinitely (haven't sold the existing family car... blame it on the gas prices), I am now being tempted by Steve Jobs into buying the new iPhone 3G. *sigh* Yes, I'm a sucker for pop-culture brouhahas (I think this was already established before -- remember the PSP "fat" I bought two months before the new version was released just because I can't wait?), and the Jesus phone is, well, being Jesus-ed since the first 2G version came out last year. It had me at the iTunes album art.

The fact that it will be available locally by August 22 doesn't help the self-control thing. Forget the bugs and zero-day exploits its built-in Safari browser is susceptible of getting, or the 16GB max storage (which is small -- iPod classic has 160GB), or the fact that despite the WHOA marketing, its actual phone capabilities is somewhat ehh (no front camera and MMS capabilities?!). I am this close in clicking the Reserve Now! button in Globe's Web site.

"This close" is the operative word though, because putang ina, the price is sooo expensive. I guess I should be (somewhat) thankful I already maxed out my CC. Hehe. 49K is way too expensive for what's supposed to be a $199 phone. *shrugs* Whatever. To think I'm planning on getting the similar G-Flex plan I currently have... (I still can, but the cash-out is still over the top... hopefully it'll depreciate in a couple of months).

So I'm thinking instead of buying myself a sub-notebook, even if I have no solid justification/reason for buying one (as if I have one for the iPhone). Storing porn perhaps? HAHAHA! But hey, at practically half the iPhone price you can get a decent -- even a kickass -- notebook with HDDs that are triple in storage size than my current desktop's.

The dilemma this time, though, is which model to go for? Asus is the best reviewed if I remember correctly (hello Macky's George Abono), but Leops and his very detailed explanation is swaying me toward Acer. Not to mention the specs -- I'm leaning towards HDDs more because of mere storage capacity; SSDs are supposedly more stable though.

Ewan. It all boils down to the fact that I have to manage my finances first.


myi said...

I am getting the blue Aspire One! Somedehehay. I keep looking from outside the glass at one display in Cybermall like a kid who couldn't wait for Xmas

PJ said...

korek! ako rin. hehe. kaso SSD yung nasa cybermall eh. parang gusto ko HDD