Monday, May 26, 2008

maximum overdrive

Went car-hunting last Saturday. Yes, I'm planning on buying a frakking brand new car mainly because 1) mother's nagging on how I should start driving is becoming increasingly incessant, and; 2) Eric proved one is never too old to (re)learn it. Hehe!

Technically, I know how to drive. I just don't feel it. *shrugs* Maybe because I studied driving a stick shift, so all the brouhaha that comes along with it (read: clutch) makes me nervous... not to mention the overall suckiness that is the Philippine traffic situation. I mentioned to mother that I may be better driving a car with an automatic transmission. It was a discussion that was put on hold for months (years?) until it was brought up again recently (kinda ironic, what with the increasing oil prices and stuff). I guess it was something to do with the plans of selling our current car?

Anyway, so I went window shopping along Shaw with sister #2 and brother-in-law. Apparently, buying second-hand is out of the question when it comes to A/T vehicles, not that I mind buying a new one... hehe!

I'm always fond of small, cutesy hatchback cars, which apparently is now a good thing because they usually come with smaller engines (so more efficient gas consumption -- how's that for butch talk?) and prior to the hunt I pegged Toyota Yaris as my ideal car (my dream compact car is a Mini Cooper). A Yaris is really expensive though, so my second choice is a Hyundai Getz, which best suits our budget.

(Sidenote: When I was a high school sophomore, my dream car was a Honda City. This was the heyday of my, and my busmates', obession with Honda cars. Plus it had me at its "I remember when" theme song. Hehe! In fairness, I did take a look at the new City the other day too -- the Jazz was not available for preview -- and it's kinda... confusing? What the hell is a CVT transmission?)

Yaris disappointed me. :( Though its features are really cool, there's not enough legroom, I'd probably get cramps if I drive one. *sighs* Oh well. I do have a new ideal car: a Suzuki Swift. It's also a bit expensive, but it looks like a Mini Cooper and it has a lot of legroom. Supposedly it's literally Japan-made (they ship it here, hence the high price) so that's a plus I guess.

In the end, it'll probably be a Getz after all. Ample legroom and cute colors (I'm loving the sky blue one... talk about fagging it up. :P). And like I said, it's the most affordable. Of course "affordable" is still relative. And here I was talking as if I have cash ready. LOL!

On the way home I found another dream car: a Volvo C30.

* * *
In other news, I was also able to catch the latest Indy flick that day. Didn't like it as much, though Cate -- as always -- was a goddess. Give her a damn Oscar for best actress already (though already did win one for a support role).

I also had my PSP firmware updated. Unfortunately, my saved data file for God of War got corrupted. WAAAH! So much for finishing the game and unlocking most of the goodies :( I guess I've to do it all over again, including Challenge of Hades! WAAAH! I'll also have to check if all the data files from my other games got corrupted as well, although so far GoW is the only "casualty"...

I'll finish Tomb Raider: Legend first.

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