Thursday, April 03, 2008

first quarter storm

Okay, so apparently, like management reports, I get to blog every quarter. Huhu. (At least Eric got to blog his Oscar predictions again.) Times have indeed been busy, see. Meetings, proposals, frakking personal development plans... Ugh. So much for social life (although I do have one). Oh well, as they say, with great power comes great responsibility. LOL!

Not that I have great power these days (great money lang. LOL!). Just a change in designation (officially, I think) and reporting line. Which is scarier, by the way. *sigh* Anyway, the bottom line is -- and I think I've been going on and on about this like, forever, times have been so busy, my weekend activities consist of sleeping or catching up with my favorite shows (which even ground to a sudden halt with the WGA strike, but whatever). Or playing PSP (recently finished the very butch God of War. Next target: Prince of Persia), or catching up with my fictional reading (I was forced to read marketing and management books again to get a clue on what I was supposed to do).

So anyway, just a quick recap on what's been going on in my life...

Ina dropped by (all the way from Denmark) for a visit last January. So obviously chikahan galore over breakfast, then dinner. Hehe. She's still not pregnant. LOL! *sigh* Kaka-miss talaga si Ina grabeh. Sana ako rin pwedeng mag-travel travel na lang. Ganun.

Rufuss died last February. He was 12 years old. I didn't cry, maybe because part of me knows he had it coming. He has been weak for months prior to his death -- just laying on the ground and doing nothing. He was also having "episodes" wherein he would just "faint". *sigh* He was still beautiful, though, even when he died. Of course, mother decided to put him in a plastic bag and have the garbage collector, well... collect the body. Para ma-cremate daw. Morbid, but I guess it's for the best. We don't have a backyard to bury him in the first place.

Also in February, I finally hit a home run. Enough said. LOL! Bought myself some stuff to help me practice. *ehem* It's still underrated, but at least I get to enjoy it more this time. So yeah, I've been bragging about it ever since. Now I wish I could do it more often than just on a yearly basis.

On the health department, I had my kidney stone ESWL-ed last January. Last December we discovered I formed a stone on my left kidney (the last 2 times, the stones were on the right). Tried the meds but when the stone dropped to the ureter I decided to had the damn thing crushed. And just recently, during the company's annual physical exam, I found out I have high cholesterol levels. BTW, blood chemistry is still not part of our APE package, so I had to fake aches and pains during the consultation to get a request. *rolls eyes* I guess it was a be-careful-what-you-wish-for case? *shrugs* Anyway, further tests revealed that I also have a fatty liver. So now I'm taking meds again. These prompted me to go to gym regularly again (at least for the past couple of weeks now). Health crisis is definitely a good motivation. That and the fact summer outing's near goddammit.

So there. Basically that's it. Hehe. Pretty uneventful, no? Of course I could write more details on the pretty mundane stuff -- like the fact that Mariah's going to release a new album this April, or American Idol's back and I'm not really invested (again) on any of the contestant (compared to my Elliott fanaticism during season 5) -- yes, even Ramiele Malubay, who sings better than Jasmine Trias but hasn't wowed me much (as of this writing, chugi na sya from the race. Sorry). Or that I'm currently crush-ing Miro Moreira (pictured; I know, it's kinda delayed -- he made waves as early as 2006). Or I can make chismis about other people, like Kat's engagement (congrats!), or about office drama, but most of them probably blogged about them waaaay back. Hehe.

*sigh* Life.

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