Saturday, March 04, 2006

reality check

'Tis the season for reality shows.

Now with The Amazing Race having just premiered this week and the American Idol semi-finals halfway through, my TV time is full every week. As in every friggin' day I have to watch something. HAHAHA! Check out my schedule:
  • Mondays - Lost (I'm watching it again -- on TV this time -- starting Monday)
  • Tuesdays - American Idol semis, Prison Break (again), Rescue Me (to premiere this Tuesday!)
  • Wednesdays - The Amazing Race, CSI (again), American Idol semis
  • Thursdays - American Idol Results show, Prison Break (replay)
  • Fridays - Survivor
  • Saturdays - Survivor (replay, in case I missed it the previous day), Prison Break (replay)
  • Sundays - Beauty and the Geek, Will & Grace

The schedule, of course, does not include watching episodes downloaded from the office network (including Desperate Housewives and House).

Elliott YaminSpeaking of Idol, I'm soooo digging Elliott Yamin. Forget the fact that he looks Amish *snerk*, or Yosemite Sam at some angles. Or that he basically needs an extreme makeover. The guy can sing damn well good. Especially this week when he sang Moody's Mood for Love (check out his perf here).

Sad to see Patrick Hall go last week. He's also one of my early faves. Aww. Anyhoo, at least Chris Daughtry and Ace Young (aka the poster-boy-who-can-sing-but-botches-the-song-title) is still running along Elliott. ^_^ For the girls, I'm definitely for Mandisa. And Ayla, Katharine, Paris, and Lisa Tucker.

(Sidenote: Just went to AI's official site and found out that Jaded Journalist's blur has been removed. HAHAHA! He's pretty cute -- which I always assumed he is. ^_^ Incidentally, he interviewed Elliott and Patrick here, which was great for me. Heehee.)

Ooh. By the way, Drew Lachey won Dancing with the Stars with his dancing partner Cheryl Burke (who's half-Filipino, so not surprisingly she was being asked to come here so we can all share the glory). Jillian Barberie and skater hottie John Zimmerman (as in the Queer Eye-d one) lost to Kristy Swanson and Lloyd Eisler in Skating with Celebrities. Aww. Anyhoo I wanna see! Hopefully they air these shows on cable soon.


celwinster said...

so which of those tv series ang ma EENJOY naten. lol?

inarage said...

huh lookie: TVGasm says Elliott looks like Alf. Ehehehehe.

PJ said...

HAHAHAHAHA!@alf. mmm...

cel: watch prison break! wentworth miller's a HOTTIE!