Monday, February 20, 2006


TagaytayWent to Tagaytay yesterday with the whole family. My first time to go there, believe it or not. Hehe. Anyhoo... mum's birthday was last Thursday so being such loving [son and] daughters, sisters and I decided for a road trip.

Of course, mother decided that we should have a mini-reunion with her siblings and in-laws in Picnic Grove. Which [almost] ruined our plans -- especially if one like myself isn't exactly thrilled to make chitchat with certain relatives, all the while carrying plastic cups of softdrink. *snerk* Then again, it was her birthday we're celebrating so... *sigh* sure why not.


Had sumptuous breakfast at that... whatever breakfast place creeping with pretentiously rich people and motorcycle club members. Loved the hot chocolate. ^_^ Then we decided that I should be exorcised from my sins by going to Caleruega. LOL. The place is so friggin' Dominican I was so thankful I got Jesuit education. Though in fairness, the place was really pretty, despite their cheesy tagline ("Close to Nature. Closer to God" -- which sounded oddly familiar until I remembered a former Bb. Pilipinas contestant botched the same adage when she answered a relatively simple question about.... mountain-biking). And at least it bought us time away from the TARs (tag-along relatives) who started to become prissy.

Heard mass in Caleruega. Then joined the TARs in Picnic Grove after much brouhaha on the way there (TARs are threatening to go home! We haven't eaten lunch!). *rolls eyes* Ugh. Such joy. At least I get to have Starbucks afterwards.

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