Tuesday, February 14, 2006

singles awareness day

(originally posted on my Fridae personals profile)

Valnetine's day can be so overrated, and this year was no exception. Forgive me if I seem to be sourgraping, because I am. *shrugs* Hey, if I had a date earlier I probably wouldn't be writing this. Hehe. ^_^

Besides, if you're working in a company that pulls all the stops to make this day very special -- from the secret messages delivered by "cupids" (along with a single rose) to the free KitKat bars, and to the red balloons and paper flowers hanging in the ceiling -- enduring 13 hours of being reminded that you're single and feeling pathetic because no one gave you even a simple thank you note (all the while appearing nonchalant about it) is a tedious task.

And yet I still wore pink. HAHAHAHA! Gosh I'm such a romantic. ^_^ Sugar high from the KitKat bars, I guess...


a.o.u.i.e. said...

oist...hindi mo ba nakuha yong note ko galing dun sa mga cupids ng HR? i sent you one... :(

PJ said...

ay honga noh? HAHAHAHA! whoops. salamatz *hugs* o di ba may naka-alala naman pala sakin... :P