Sunday, February 12, 2006


Check out the latest cover of Icon magazine featuring Andrew Wolff, the current local "it" boy who also showed his assets in that bookazine X Ray (which I also have. HAHAHA!). Move over, Marc Nelson (on second thought, stay where you are). Wetness indicator, as in. *drool* I still can't believe he's only fucking 20 years old.

* * *

Finally found a download link for Mariah aka Mimi's performance in this year's Grammys (courtesy of Simply amazing. Shame she only won three awards. Hehe.

Anyhoo, here's the link. I still can't download it cos it's too big. Hopefully someone will for me. Hehe!

Speaking of video clips, I also found a link to Colin Farrell's sex video. Harhar! Hopefully someone will also download this for me, too. *naughty grin*


celwinster said...

di ba i was able to download it na. the thing is how can i give it to you. 256 lang flash disc ko. lol

PJ said...

33MB lang naman kasi yung file di baaa. :P anyhoo, an officemate of mine already downloaded the files for me na. hehe.