Monday, March 06, 2006

ateneo checklist

Got this from Pia's blog, which she apparently got from some other blog. Hehe. Sige na nga patulan...

(X) eaten at Manang's
( ) learned the alma mater song [didn't have much school spirit]
( ) lay [laid?] down and slept on a bench along EDSA walk
( ) been a TNT!
( ) jogged around the campus in the evening
(X) visited the art gallery
(X) knew at least one Xerox lady, manong, or technician by name
(X) got a Jesuit for a teacher [dami kaya!]
( ) itched from higad bites
( ) have gotten an F in something [I got a D three times though, which also sucked]
(X) have taken a crap in school [SEC C rest rooms the best!]
( ) watched a La Salle vs. Ateneo UAAP game [like I said, didn't have much school spirit]
(X) given a Powerpoint presentation
( ) studied in the caf upstairs [is there actually food in caf upstairs?]
(X) watched a T.A. play [cos it's required]
( ) sat on the SEC ledge and watched the stars
(X) ate in Full House, Martha's Kitchen, and Ken Afford
( ) slept in the lib [o ha!]
( ) visited Mr. San Andres [do visits with his secretary for overload requirements count?]
(X) went to the chapel [and the Gesu -- both cos they're required]
( ) have gotten a pebble stuck in your shoe/slippers in the middle of the quad
(X) cut class with your block to watch a movie
(X) signed up for those institutional (i.e. difficult but brilliant) teachers: Ferriols, Dacanay, David, Manacsa, Ang, Escaler, Arcilla, Totanes, and many others [uy buti si Doc T kasama sa list, otherwise N/A ako dito... hehe!]
( ) gone to CERSA night
(X) have tried siomai rice [I'm more of a Burger Brown type, though]
( ) learned how to smoke
(X) actually read the book you keep borrowing from the lib
( ) played cards during your free time
(X) dressed in business attire [usually for defense]
( ) learned to stay awake for more than 24 hours straight [sorry antukin ako eh]
( ) have gotten side comments from ASSOC
(X) taken Saturday classes
(X) gone to your immersion
(X) eaten Food for Thought sandwiches [ham, egg, double-cheese]
( ) had a boyfriend [wish ko lang]
(X) taken time to read the vandalism in the CR doors
(X) watched "Minsan Lang Sila Bata" and "Macho Dancer" for class ["Macho Dancer" and "Evangeline Katorse" for SA21]
(X) done a last minute paper [and got an A for it! WAHAHAHA!]
(X) have spent a lot for 1x1 ID pictures
(X) gotten exempted from final exams
(X) attended a college mass [cos it's pseudo-required]
( ) promised to quit smoking
( ) played hide-and-seek in the mini-forest [there's a mini-forest?]
(X) know where the best restrooms are on campus
(X) joined an org
(X) allowed yourself to make mistakes [who doesn't?]
(X) taken summer classes
( ) admired the sacred heart statue in the evening [ang creepy kaya nun 'pag gabi]
(X) made a video for a project [and by "made" I meant it literally -- for my Multimedia class]
(X) had a crush on a teacher [dami! I looove Sir Dave Lozada. Hehe! And that Theology teacher who looks like a sinner... WAHAHAHA!]
( ) attend a Jesuit retreat
( ) have gotten a parking ticket
(X) come to school in your crappiest yet most comfy clothes [almost every day]
(X) learned how to use the Bayantel pay phones [which sucked]
(X) participated in school activities [most of them cos they're required]
( ) watched the Blue Babble Battalion tryouts
(X) dated an Atenean [WAHAHA! Can't believe I actually did. Wait... does EB count?]
(X) rode a tricycle on campus
(X) found a tambayan [nakiki-tambay is probably a more appropriate term]
( ) admire the marikina valley at night
( ) gone drinking along Katipunan
(X) learned how to beg for a higher grade [does begging the ROTC CorpCom not to fail me count?]
( ) used your cuts wisely [not really...]
( ) volunteered to be class beadle
( ) had the worst lottery schedule for reg [RegCom ako eh!]
( ) admired the trees on campus
(X) have forgotten about your freecut and gone to that class
(X) eaten in the ISO canteen
(X) been active in your org [erm...]
( ) have signed up on an ACP class just because the girl or guy u like signed up for it
(X) gotten as many application forms as you can during the job fair
(X) learned how to cram
(X) sold tickets (or watched) an org-sponsored movie premiere [again... cos it's required]
(X) saved money to Xerox all of your seatmate's notes
( ) have accidentally seen a make-out session [accidentally? C'mon those people are asking to be seen!]
(X) checked out the Meron Lagoon and Lambingan Bridge
( ) have dozed off in class in Bel right after a class in CTC/SOM/Comm.
(X) learned how to work with groupmates from hell
( ) perfected the art of parking on campus
( ) had a bad encounter with one of the guards on campus
(X) developed a love for sisig
(X) learned how to pronounce "AEGIS" properly
( ) have used typing rooms at the library
(X) have reserved a classroom, AVR, etc. for a class or org function
( ) have asked the library for an endorsement to research in other libraries
(X) have lost a perfectly functioning umbrella
( ) have used consultation hours properly [I don't think I even consulted with a teacher]
(X) looked forward to lab breakage refund, in case you didn't break any equipment
(X) visit the Guidance Office [cos it's maily required, plus they're the client for our thesis]
(X) and Infirmary [to borrow a nail cutter]


a.o.u.i.e. said...

grabe ha. 'dated an atenean'... hmmm...hahahaha...

PJ said...

heler! one date lang yun noh! :) like i said, if EB counts as a date. hehe!